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Lulu My Lemon
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I’m sure a good portion of you have heard of or wear pieces from the athletic company lululemon. And if you live anywhere near Chicago, you probably either heard of or witnessed the insanity that was the warehouse sale this past weekend. With all this lulu talk recently, I thought I should just publicly proclaim my obsession too. This is what I mean by obsession:

Ok so now that I’m looking at it, it’s not too bad. It’s just about 6 pants, 11 tanks, and two jackets…with some not shown because they are dirty. Or thinking it’s not a lot is maybe my way of convincing myself I don’t have a problem so I can run out and grab myself some more of the most comfortable workout gear ever. I’m not kidding. I was skeptical at first, but then I tried them on. Wow are they comfortable and wow are they super flattering for gear that you are meant to sweat in. Whenever I get a new something something from Lulu, I get excited to go to the gym. Cheap stuff, not so much….but anything that gets me excited to run on a treadmill or take a class is worth it in my book!

So this past weekend there was a huge event in the Chi-town area. The first ever lululemon warehouse sale in the United States. It got a ton of press. It was all over blogs, like Possessionista who got to preview it and gave tips, and it was all over the local news. People even took off work to go to this thing and were totally fine with standing in line for five hours to just get inside. Five hours people! That is a little out of my obsession range. So I decided to sit this one out and let everyone else stand in line for almost an entire work day. But then Sunday rolled around and the lulu blog said there wasn’t a line, so a few of us decided to make our way there.

lulu facebook page

Unfortunately it was not this full when we got there. I heard that on Friday there was a ton of variety and a ton of color, but by Sunday it was mostly black, white, and gray things and was very picked over. But I’m glad we went, that way I wasn’t left thinking “I wonder if I would have gotten any good deals.”

So instead of leaving you with nothing, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite things from lululemon.

The Wunder Under Crop

The Scoop Neck Tank

The In Stride Jacket

The Hot ‘N Sweaty Skirt

The only thing I don’t have out of these four things is the skirt. You’re probably wondering why a skirt, right? Well because it’s perfect for running errands in during the summer, and in my opinion way cuter than a pair of running shorts. See, I will never not have something from lulu on my wishlist. So go ahead, try it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about the lululemon addiction. It’s like Jelly Belly jelly beans, once you try em you can’t get enough!

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