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Wonders of the Web: Birthday Edition
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My little sister, friend, an blog partner is enjoying a birthday today and so I thought that our wonders of the web post should be birthday themed. Kal is the best sister a girl could ever ask for. She has been there for me throughout the years and I am so grateful for her. We truly are sisters by chance and friends by choice.

  • Adorable candles that can look cute for kids, and chic for adults. It all depends on the type of decor.
  • If I had a baby, they would definitely be sporting this fun hat on their birthday.
  • A card that works for someone of any age.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wonders of the Web, Easter Edition!
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Easter is right around the corner, so recenlty I’ve been searching for some Easter inspiration.  Lucky for you, I’m sharing all my findings today.

We’re headed over to my mom’s for Easter brunch on Sunday.  If you’re the one hosting, here are some things you can use to “Easter-ize” your gathering.

I was looking for a new “eggish” recipe to bring as well as a dessert for people to nibble on.  Here’s what I’m going with:

Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests

Aren’t those cute?  They look really easy to make, too.  You can find the recipe here.  If you like spending time in the kitchen and want to fancy it up a bit, make Cortney’s homemade Nutella rather than the store bought.





Italian Sausage Egg Muffins

These remind me of crustless quiches.  Again, they look really simple to make.  I’m going to make them using my mini muffin tin so they become bit sized.  This way I can serve them as an appetizer and people can just pop them in their mouths.  I’m also thinking of adding red bell pepper to bring in color.  If you’re not a broccoli lover, try using spinach or asparagus instead.  Here is the recipe.


I’m also making crock pot cheesy potatoes.  I’m going to use the same recipe I used at Kaitlyn’s bridal shower.   You can find the cheesy potato recipe about a quarter of the way down on that post.


Easter Carrot Silverware

I adore these!  Everyone needs silverware at a brunch, so why not make them a centerpiece.  Buy lime green silverware, wrap them in an orange napkin, and twist shut with green pipe cleaners.





Button Egg

Have a button collection?  Make a piece of art with them!







Easter Centerpieces


Check out these ones below.  You can use these beyond Easter and they strike the shabby chic look I love.

Take a close look at the lemon and egg ones.  What a smart idea to put a slender vase inside another vase or a pitcher to hold the flowers!  People are so darn creative!  Of course, all these images are from Pinterest :)

I wish you a happy Easter ya’ll (can you tell I miss Nashville?)!

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Wonders of the Web
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Here are a list of things from around the web that have caught my eye lately.

  • The weather just switched from 80, sunny, and perfect to rainy, and chilly here in Chi-town. That means layering pieces is a must!
  • Rule number 234 of being a gentleman. Perfectly stated.
  • Crazy, unique, and funny business cards. I love the one for a hair stylist and a yoga instructor.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Wonders of the Web, Etsy Style
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Brian once said my direct deposit from my paycheck might as well go directly to Etsy rather than our checking account.  I can’t resist all the cute stuff!  My favorite part: almost every shop can customize anything you want.  Here are some shops I’ve purchased items from in the past that I recommend.

Shabby Mcfabby

I saw these chalkboards and fell in love!  I purchased one similar to the one below and had it customized to a color of my choice.  I also bought a distressed white shelf from this shop.  Perfect for anyone who loves Shabby Chic style.


This shop has a lot of salvage items.  I saw she had white ceiling tiles and had to get my hands on one.  I asked her to finish mine in a light green color.  This is what she came up with.  I have it resting on a shelf with other misc. frames and vases.

The Sugared Plums

I love these personalized frames!  Brian and I purchased one for his parents as a thank you gift for their help with our wedding.  We chose a quote about parents to put on the frame.  You can choose your own color background, frame color, where the frame is placed, even the font!

Define Design Eleven

This shop is all custom prints.  When my friends Brad and Kendal got engaged last year I got them one of these frames with their names and the date they got engaged.  The heart was over where they got engaged, New Buffalo, MI.  You can choose any color for the backdrop, the names, and the heart.

One of  Kind Jewelry Design

I saved the best for last.  This is by far my favorite shop I’m sharing today!  After I purchased my Kendra Scott earrings for my wedding, I had a difficult time finding a bracelet to match.  I sent a photo of my earrings to Karin and she whipped up my own unique bracelet.  She even sent me pictures during the process of it being made so I could give her feedback.  She was amazing to work with.  She has so many other adorable things I have my eye on!

Here is the bracelet she made for my wedding.

Here are some other creations I have my eye on.

You need to browse her shop.  I guarantee you’ll fall in love.


I have several more Etsy shops that I’m excited to share with you, but I’ll save those for another day.  I probably already gave you 2+ hours of browsing time with these shops.  You’re welcome.

I want to hear Etsy shops you love and recommend.  Please share!

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Wonders of the Web
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Thank goodness for the upcoming weekend! Every year right around this time I start getting antsy. Antsy for summer. And even though this year has been mild for us her in Chi-town, I am still ready for spring. Anyways, here are a few things from the web that I have found interesting lately. Enjoy!

  •  Aren’t these cocktail rings adorable? Unfortunately I don’t think they are available anymore, but they were so cute I felt they were worth posting.
  • I’ve seen paintable wallpaper before, but more often than not is is fairly traditional. This fun wallpaper is fun and trendy while also being chic and full of texture.
  • How unbelievably fun and colorful does this look!? I like to work out and all, but I’ve never been one to run marathons or races. This however, could very well change my mind. Who wants to do it with me?
  • A very chic bar cart. It’s the perfect size for a sitting room or small apartment.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Wonders of the Web
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…the recipe edition. Since it is food week here on JKR, it only makes sense. Right? So here is what has caught our eye around the web recently.

  • I used to love chicken pot pies when I was younger, but they are a bit too rich and heavy to eat one by myself these day. These mini personal portions would be perfect! They are just so cute!
  • This rice pudding desert sounds amazing. Whats not to love. Rice, good. Coconut, gooooood. (10 points for anyone who can get that TV show reference)
  • I would have gone crazy for this as a kid. I need to have a play date with some of my favorite little kiddos so I can make them. Or I can just make the for myself, which is fairly likely.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. See you next week!

Day Zero Project
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My friend Lauren emailed me a link to this website the other day thinking I’d be interested.  She was right.  It’s called Day Zero Project.

It’s a place where you can set and achieve your personal goals in life.  That sounds really nerdy.  But after looking around the website, it is really neat.  You create 101 goals and you have 1,001 days to complete them.

You can create goals on your own, or search ones that people have already made.  Here’s the list for their top 101 goals.

Your goals can be anything small like go barefoot all day or take a dance class, to something more intense like travel to Italy (that’s at the top of my list :)) You can even search topic tags (photography, romance, money, travel, etc).

I figured I’d better start small and simple (minus the Italy trip.  I need to save lots ‘o $ first!).  Here’s 10 things I’m promising myself to achieve.  The remaining 91… well, they’ll come eventually.  I do have  2.75 years after all.

1. Travel to Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Almafi Coast… other suggestions?).

2. Enjoy drinks and listen to live country music at several honky tonks in Nashville.

3. Take a photo of a place in all 4 seasons.

4. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.

5. Ask 10 friends to suggest a book and read them all.

6. Go on a picnic.

7. Visit the Adler Planetarium.

8. Volunteer somewhere.

9. Learn to wear my hair more than two ways.

10. Design a tattoo.  If I actually go through with it is a maybe…

Any other ideas?  Please share!

7 Wonders of the Web
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I had so much fun with last weeks 7 Wonders of the Web post, that I decided to go for round two. But since this week has sorta turned into Beauty Week, I thought I’d keep with it and do a  7 Wonders Beauty/Fashion Edition. So here are some things floating around the web that I found interesting:

Lyndar the Merciless

  • Ever get bored with how you wear your scarf? Here is 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4 1/2 minutes. It’s such a creative video. Major props to you Wendy!

Kendi Everyday

  • This poppy color is seriously becoming a favorite of mine. Fresh enough for spring and summer, but deep and rich enough in color for fall and winter. It’s once again reminding me to go pick up Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave.
  • Don’t you wish you could get volume like this? Well maybe you already know how, I shouldn’t assume otherwise. But I know I could for sure use some help in the volume department. There’s even a video tutorial.
  • I wonder if Erase Paste by Benefit is as good as I hear. I’ve heard it’s a complete game changer.
  • A very helpful guide to necklace lengths. Now instead of awkwardly trying to measure around my neck, I can just refer to this.


I hope you all have a wonderful and cozy weekend!

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7 Wonders of the Web
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7 has been my favorite number for as long as I can remember. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the “lucky 7” saying. It actually has to do with an audition number I had for dance ages ago (wow that was a long time ago). So I thought I’d keep true to my favorite number and post 7 things I found interesting lately.

Oh Happy Day

1. Aren’t these Nepali ceiling hangings fun!? I think they would look stunning for a party hanging above a long island or table.

2. I’m obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg, OBSESSED! I am unbelievably jealous of Bee, she got to spend the day playing dress up in the designers line while showcasing her shoe collection. One day that will be me Diane, one day!

3. This video of Holton Rower paintings is amazing. Isn’t it crazy how the colors don’t mix, but create stunning lines and swirls?

4. A really interesting article about the human’s desire to DIY.

5. You can buy/order candy by color. Perfect for a theme party that involves specific colors.

6. Strawberry, basil, and balsamic frozen yogurt, yum! I’m already craving the flavors of summer.

7. These story cubes are such a good idea. Perfect to spark the creative imagination is us all. I need to get some of these for my students.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!