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Bloggin ’bout Blogs, Wedding Edition
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Aren’t I so lucky to have a sister to put so much time and effort into my bachelorette party?  Weeks afterwards friends were saying it was the most fun they had in a long time.  Cort sure has set the bar high and I’m really looking forward to organizing hers within the next year :)

Thinking back to my wedding planning days, I think I spent 99% of my free time researching wedding stuff online.  Today I’m sharing some of our favorite wedding blogs.  If you’re a bride to be,  you must take a sneak peak into each of these blogs.  WARNING: you will become addicted.  Prepare to spend hours upon hours feasting your eyes upon these beautiful weddings.

Wedding Gawker

A lot of people/vendors submit to this site, so you get a great mix of stuff that can lead you to many great resources and blogs.  I compare it to your home page on Pinterest, but just for weddings.


Wedding Chicks

Features photos from real weddings and wedding photo shoots.



Dedicated to vintage/chic designs and offers many DIY ideas.


Love and Lavender

Not only does this blog feature real weddings like the others, but it also offers FREE downloads!  Check out this adorable, free, downloadable invite!


Sparkle and Hay

Isn’t it funny the adjectives people come up with to describe their wedding theme?  When I would explain my wedding to people I described it as rustic chic.  What?!  Rustic and chic?  Doesn’t seem like those words blend well together.  But, this blog proves that they do!


Land Locked Bride

Features real weddings and suggests vendors in your area.


Style Me Pretty

If you are engaged, married, or single, you have to visit this blog.  I saved it for last as it’s my personal favorite.  I probably lost over 200 hours of my life obsessing over this blog.  So much, that when Michelle Knox encouraged me to submit my wedding to it, I did. And I was featured!  Check it out here.


Hopefully you’ll thank me and not hate me for sharing these fabulous blogs.  Cheers to spending hours upon hours searching away!  It is Friday, after all.  A glass or two of wine accompanied with your search will suit you well :)



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Since Cort shared the wonderful world of Beso the other day, I thought I’d continue to share the love of websites and introduce you to Houzz.  When I explain Houzz to friends, I describe it as Pinterest but just for interior decorating.  I already have a Dream Home board on Pinterest, but Houzz takes my outrageously far fetched dreams to a whole new level.


Houzz is a library of photographs of the most B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. homes.  You can search photographs by rooms or by your decorating style.  Then, once you open a photo, if there is a green tag on an item (a light fixture for example) you can click on it and it explains where the item is from and what the price is.  Sometimes they list the paint color, too.  Here’s what a search may look like.

You can then create your own favorite idea boards, just like Pinterest, for each room you’re dying to fantasize about (or actually redesign if you’re feeling handy or have money to spend).  Here are some of my favorite photographs I’ve found…

Have fun fantasizing your dream home!  Maybe one day it will become a reality.  That’s what I’m wishing for, at least.

Beso is the Besto!
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Have you guys heard of Beso? It’s a site dedicated to everything shopping related. The people behind this site are crazy smart. They “pull in products from thousands of the best e-commerce sites out there, so that you can shop your favorite brands and stores with one simple search.” Brilliant right!?

You can create your own profile and then add products to your favorites by searching for a specific product or just browsing and then clicking on the cute little heart next to the item. But that’s not even the best part. You can have fun with pretending you own your own shop or that you are some big time buyer for a fancy store and create your very own collection. Well maybe that’s just me. The average person might just use it as a way to catalog their wishlist. You know, those things you are coveting for the upcoming season. You can title your collection and then add items and save it so you can go back and look at it any time. Here is an example:

Kendi Everyday

And here’s a link to one that I just created for spring: Spring Ahead Collection. But they don’t just list clothes. There are beauty, kids, and home categories too. It’s a pretty perfect site to create your annual Christmas or Hanukkah list. This only fuels my shopping addiction though. I mean let’s be honest, I use retail therapy to cure a common headache. Hmm, I think I have the beginnings of one now, I better head on over to beso to get rid of it!