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I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentines Day. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was a fan when I was little and we got to celebrate with a fun class party, candy, and games. As I got older however, it just seemed tedious. It became a day filled with overpriced flowers and dinners, and the notion that it was the one day you had to do something for your significant other. I don’t like that forced feeling about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea behind it. But it has turned into a how much can you spend type of day. So I thought I’d come up with a few fun, easy, cheap, and thoughtful ways to celebrate the day of red and hearts.

One way to celebrate V-Day is with a yummy homemade breakfast. Add a special touch with some heart pancakes, strawberries, or a really cute powdered sugar heart on French toast. Since Valentines Day is on a Tuesday this year and early mornings before work or school for the kiddos can be rushed, you could do breakfast for dinner. We often did this when we were little and it was such a treat. Something about eating breakfast for dinner seemed rebellious and fun. I still love it as an adult.

How Does She?

The book All About Us would be a great gift. It brings Valentines Day back to what it should be, loving and learning even more about the one you love. It’s a book filled with questions designed to help deepen your relationship that you fill out with your partner. Some of the questions are fun and some are deep, but they are all interesting.

Barnes & Noble

You could get crafty and make something out of materials you have laying around the house. Take an old frame, some scrap paper or fabric, and a newspaper and whip up something similar to this cute piece of art. Or frame a receipt from a memorable date or trip that brings back memories. Framing maps, coasters, or airline tickets would be just as cute.

Embellishing Life

These next few are for the kiddos, because lets be honest, they get way more excited about Valentines Day than adults.

Pack their lunch in all hearts. Cut their sandwich in the shape of hearts, heart shaped strawberry slices, and of course a conversation hearts for good measure. It’s not V-Day without em.

Lisa Storms

These mustache and lip lollipops are hysterical and could be really fun to make out of foam or felt.

Skip To My Lou

And for those little cards they pass out to their friends, crayons. Melt extra or broken crayon pieces into a silicone mold, let cool, and pop them out. Attach them to a card and you’ve got a unique Valentine that is sure to be used instead of tossed out.


So what are you guys planning on doing to celebrate Valentines Day? We are actually thinking of staying in and ordering from our favorite sushi restaurant. Sounds perfectly simple to me!

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