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Wedding Week… Here we Come!
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Ahhhhhhh!  It’s been killing me not to mention Cort and Jeff being engaged, since it happened 3 weeks ago!  I’ve been having wedding planning withdrawal for the last year so I cannot wait to help my sister with all the details.  To celebrate her wedding planning extravaganza and since spring wedding season is shortly arriving, we’re going to be sharing what Cort cooked up for my bachelorette party and other wedding ideas.  To kick-start it all, I’m sharing inspirational bachelorette Party photos from none other than Pinterest!

How hilarious are those cookies and cupcakes?!  Those bra cupcakes are insane!  I also love the nontraditional nautical invite.  The champagne glasses at the top are painted for each of the bridesmaids.  Very creative.

Alright, look forward to this week’s wedding extravaganza!

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Mom’s 60th Birthday Invite
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With our yellow and grey scrapbook theme in mind, Cort and I raided our mom’s picture boxes one afternoon.  We came across pictures of my mom when she was an adorable littler girl.  We were thrilled when we found one of my mom on her fourth birthday.  Perfect for her 60th birthday invite!

I still have no idea what I’m doing with Photoshop (help please!) but I at least figured out how to crop and used the healing brush tool to remove the imperfections from the old photos.



There were so many other adorable photos of my mom when she was young, but our other favorite was this one with her playing on the phone.



With the colors and pictures ready to go, I contacted my friend Michelle Knox from I do Invitations by Michelle.  You might recognize her  name.  She did all my wedding paper needs and our recent Christmas card.  You can learn more about that at this post.

Like always, Michelle came up with something amazing and perfect for our Mom’s surprise 60th birthday party.  She created a two sided 5×7 invitation.  No, those blurry spots were not from Michelle, but from me.  I was trying to remove my mom’s personal information, so just look past that :)

The front side had the following tagline:

Celebrate the happy times, Raise a glass with cheer, Come celebrate with Donna, In honor of her 60th year.

The back of the invite had all the miscellaneous details.  We also asked each guest to email me a photo of them with my mom, old or new.  I then used these pictures to create a photo-guest book.  Everyone at the party wrote my mom a message before she arrived.  She loved it!

Keep comin’ back!  We’ll be sharing more from our mom’s party each day this week :)