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Lucite Trays by Erin Condrem
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Cort and I were spending Christmas Eve at our Aunts house when I spotted this adorable tray of hers…

They tray was on a hand painted stand and held plates for appetizers and a few glasses for people to grab.  I snapped a photo of it real quick and was planning on asking Aunt Cyndi where she had gotten it.  I needed to get one for myself!

Wellllll,  a few hours later I was opening my gift from Aunt Cyndi and what do I see?  My own personalized tray!!!

Lucky Cortney received one, too.

Another adorable touch (that I don’t have a photo of) is the backside of our trays.  In a light gray font is a word collage of “Christmas 2011” so we’ll always remember them as a Christmas gift from our thoughtful Aunt.

So for any of you out there wanting your own personalized tray for yourself, you can find the information HERE.  I started browsing myself and found you can even have a photograph of yours be the background.  Or, you can choose your own designer theme that Erin Condren provides.

Aunt Cyndi used hers as a serving tray, Cort is using hers for a coffee table tray, and I’m currently using mine for display.  Something important to know is these trays are waterproof and food safe!  You can serve food and drinks directly on the tray.  I know Brian would love one to hold his wallet, car keys, watch, and loose change.  They would be great place to catch jewelry on your dresser, or hold soaps and bath salts in your bathroom.  There are so many possibilities!  Here are some examples given on Erin Condrem’s website.  I think my favorite is the first one… maybe it’s the Patron’s fault.  I <3 tequila.


I have plans to purchase some for future wedding and baby shower gifts.

Did anyone else receive a Christmas gift you think we’ll love?  Please share!

Cover It Up
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Last week I showed you how I covered a bench for our bedroom. You can see more on that here. I made sure I had some left over fabric from that project, knowing exactly what I could use it for. Where do you think I found my next project? Yep, the flea market. I told you I’m obsessed! Here’s the chair that I just couldn’t pass up.

I actually got it a few years ago but didn’t have a reason to recover it till recently. Our current bedroom is bigger than our previous one and this chair just landed in an empty corner when we moved in and hasn’t moved since. I figured I might as well switch out the fabric so it matches the bench.

I turned the chair over and unscrewed the seat.

Once that was done I flipped the seat over so it was fabric side up and laid the fabric on top so I could figure out where I wanted the pattern to lay. I tried it with one full flower in the middle, but it just looked like a flower bullseye for your bum (and I think we all know where we’re supposed to place our bum on a chair, so we didn’t need that). So instead I opted for an off center placement with two partial flowers showing. Once I figured out where I wanted the fabric to lay, I turned the fabric/seat combo over, folded over two sides of the fabric, and used my staple gun to secure it. I decided to just staple over the existing fabric instead of taking out all the mini nails to remove it (who has that kinda time). Then I did the same thing with the other two sides of fabric.


I left the corners for last. But before I did that, i cut off most of the excess fabric to match up with the stuff that was already on the seat. Then I used the same technique on the chair seat that I used for the bench corners, folding them in like when you wrap a present. Then I stapled the corners in place and made sure the fabric didn’t cover up any of the screw holes (ha, that’s a phrase you don’t hear often).

After that, all I had to do was screw the seat back into the chair base. Easy peasy! Woah, my student’s and their lingo are rubbing off on me.

So what do you think? It’s not a huge change by any means, but I like it. We still have plenty of things to do/get for the bedroom, but it’s coming along.

Have A Seat
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Flea markets are my thang. I love em. I could wander the booths all day browsing all the treasures and dreaming up things to create. And surprisingly enough, Jeff tolerates it. He even joins in on the fun sometimes and gets excited about his own finds. Of course our idea of a great find are completely different. His might be an old school Pearl Jam concert t-shirt, and mine is usually more home related, but that’s all relative.

Kane County Flea Market: Photo Nomikon

On one of my many hunts for a good find I came across and old coffee table/bench. It seemed too long and narrow to be a coffee table,  and way too low to the ground to be a sofa or entry table. And it didn’t seem like it was meant to be a bench either. But that’s what I wanted it to be. Our bedroom had been lacking a spot to sit and put on shoes in the morning, and this was the perfect solution. So I brought it home thinking that Jeff would be pleased with such a steal (I think I got it for less than $40). Wroooooong, womp womp. He liked the idea of a bench, but just didn’t like the look of this one. What was I to do? I couldn’t take it back. Cover it!

So I went to my local Calico Corners and picked up a couple yards of Dahlia by Thomas Paul in Dove. I also ran to Joann Fabrics and grabbed some two inch thick foam to fit the bench, and a roll of batting. Then I got to work. Here’s how I did it:

I completely forgot to take a before pic, but I’m sure you all have great imaginations. It was just a plain old bench with a fun curvy shape to the ends. The first thing I did was lay the foam on the ground and turn the bench upside down on top of it. Then I took a pen/marker and traced around the bench on the foam. Then I cut-it-out (anyone else think of Uncle Joey from Full House every time you hear that phrase? Just me? Ok then). I used an old bread knife that we don’t use anymore, but electric knives work even better if you have one.


Once I had the foam cut out I placed it on the bench, unrolled the batting and put it on top of the foam. Before I cut the batting I used my staple gun to staple the ends just underneath the lip of the bench to make sure everything stayed in place.


Once that was finished, I stapled one side of the batting under the length of the bench just enough so I could pull it taut to the other side and it would all stay in place. Then I cut the batting on the other side and repeated the stapling on that side. When going around the corners I just gathered the batting and folded them like I would when wrapping a present.


Next, I cut off any excess batting and laid my fabric over the bench so I could figure out the placement of the pattern. I wanted as many of the yellow flowers visible as possible, while also saving as much as the extra fabric as possible. I was afraid of cutting the fabric before I stapled it for fear that it would end up too small of a piece, so I just started stapling. I put a few staples in on all four sides of the bench first to make sure the fabric wouldn’t shift, and then went back around and stapled away filling in all the gaps. I made sure to pull the fabric taut as I was stapling so it wouldn’t end up looking bunchy or saggy.


And when it came time for the corners, I did the same thing I did with the batting. I folded the corners in before I stapled just as I would a present. When that was done, I turned the bench upside down and cut off all the remaining fabric. I cut as close to the staples as I could so that you can’t see any messy ends to the fabric.


All I had left to do was flip the bench back over. Tada! I think it turned out quite well!

And the best part? Jeff now loves it! Woohoo, success! Sometime down the line I might add some nail-head trim around the bottom, but I like it as is for now.