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I think chocolate and cheese should be their own food group. Or, at least I treat them as if they are. To say I like wine is an understatement. I hope to one day call myself a professional photographer, but in the meantime, I'll just pretend I am. I'm a second grade teacher by day but a potty mouth by night.

Fifty Shades of Grey Party
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Yes, yes, I have been pulled into the Fifty Shades for Grey phenomena… and I have to admit, I am obsessed.  I seriously thought I was in the books and refuse to believe they’re fiction.  In fact, this is exactly how I feel… I read all three books in under two weeks and have

Primavera Studios
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I saved the best for last with all my wedding sharing… Primavera Studios!  Just like Brian and Ashley from the NEWview, Kevin and Kelsey are the cutest married couple.  They photograph weddings together and not only are they the sweetest people to have around (I seriously felt as if they were in my wedding party),

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The NEWview Brings you Kal’s Wedding Videos
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I was never planning on hiring a wedding videographer for my wedding thinking it wasn’t in my budget.  But then Cortney told me two of her good friends had recently started a videography business for fun.  Then I saw their prices and it was a done deal!  Brian and Ashley Newman from The NEWview were

Beautiful Bella Bridesmaids and More Wedding Attire
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Last week I explained some of the things I did for my wedding welcome hour here, here, and here.  Today I’m sharing the all deets on everyone’s attire. Cort and I first headed to jcrew (the store Brian once said I might as well have my paycheck directly deposited to) and left thinking we found

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Painted Barn Wood Wedding Signs
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You all caught a glimpse of my wedding welcome hour here and here.  Today I’m sharing signs my friend Lauren and I created for the welcome hour, ceremony, and reception.  I had seen wooden signs in wedding magazines and wanted to create some of my own.  So with the help of Lauren, my mom, and

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Non-Traditional Photo Booth
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The other week I shared my idea behind the wedding welcome hour at my wedding.  Two fun details about the welcome hour come your way today and tomorrow.  Today I’m dishing out the details behind the photo booth I had set up (well, minus the actual booth as this all took place outside). I got the idea while

Wedding Welcome Hour
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When it came time to planning our wedding, Brian didn’t have any strong opinions except for one thing – he didn’t want to see me before the ceremony.  I, however, wanted as much time as possible to take pictures since I am a memory saving freak.  So, to accommodate both our wishes, we decided to

Bloggin ’bout Blogs, Wedding Edition
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Aren’t I so lucky to have a sister to put so much time and effort into my bachelorette party?  Weeks afterwards friends were saying it was the most fun they had in a long time.  Cort sure has set the bar high and I’m really looking forward to organizing hers within the next year Thinking

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Wedding Week… Here we Come!
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Ahhhhhhh!  It’s been killing me not to mention Cort and Jeff being engaged, since it happened 3 weeks ago!  I’ve been having wedding planning withdrawal for the last year so I cannot wait to help my sister with all the details.  To celebrate her wedding planning extravaganza and since spring wedding season is shortly arriving,

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Wonders of the Web, Easter Edition!
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Easter is right around the corner, so recenlty I’ve been searching for some Easter inspiration.  Lucky for you, I’m sharing all my findings today. We’re headed over to my mom’s for Easter brunch on Sunday.  If you’re the one hosting, here are some things you can use to “Easter-ize” your gathering. I was looking for

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