Welcome to our blog, Just KaliRae! We are two sisters, Cortney and Kalin. After a long and late night gossip session (these tend to be frequent) about where we are in our lives, we decided to start our own blog. We came to the conclusion that creating a blog together would inspire us to use our creativity more frequently in our daily lives (beyond our day jobs and more for things that we desire than things we must use it for).

Where does the name come from you ask? Well since it is the two of us writing it together we wanted to use both our names. After we decided that CorneyKali, or CortKal or most other options sounded fairly ridiculous, we decided KaliRae was the best fit. Kali (pronounced Cali, as in the state) is what Kalin goes by around close friends and family. Rae is Cortney’s middle name. And it is just the two of us. Put them together, and you have our blog name, Just KaliRae!

We plan to write this blog as a form of an online journal for ourselves and anyone else who wants to read it. Who knows, it might end up being a random mish-mash of things. But that’s ok. As long as we are inspired, we will blog about it. Come join us on our new journey we call Just KaliRae!