Fifty Shades of Grey Party
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Yes, yes, I have been pulled into the Fifty Shades for Grey phenomena… and I have to admit, I am lit.er.ally obsessed.  I seriously thought I was in the books and refuse to believe they’re fiction.  In fact, this is exactly how I feel…

I read all three books in under two weeks and have plans to soon reread them.  That’s insane coming from a girl who doesn’t read much.

Surely you’ve heard of the steamy trilogy by E.L. James, right?  The books are told through the eyes of a 21 year old girl named Anastasia Steele.  She’s fresh out of college and meets a stunning, sexy, filthy rich, 27 year old, dominant man named Christian Grey.  Yes, dominant.  Christian is into “kinky, dominant, fuckery” as Anastasia refers to it, and he tries to get Anastasia to become his submissive.  His What?!  Obviously these books aren’t your typical boy-meets-girl love story.  No, these books share a love story with a delightful, kinky, twist.  I believe the books got better and better since you learn more about Christian’s dark past and their love story evolves, taking over the plot.   I also love how the series didn’t abruptly end.  There was a shocking twist ending but E.L. James continued to write and answer all my questions.

While reading these books, I have heard from several friends that people are now hosting Fifty Shades of Grey parties.  My ears immediately perked and I dug in deeper to find some very creative party ideas.

As I was reading the first book I was asking a girlfriend what she thought Anastasia and Christian looked like.  She then told me that another friend of ours had attended a Fifty Shades party where each guest was to bring a photo of someone they thought looked like Christian Grey.  Then each person at the party voted which photo best resembled Christian.  This was the winner…

Isn’t that insanely dead on?  I mean, look at the copper hair, scruffy face, and grey eyes.  If only he was wearing the silver tie…

I then did some of my own research on Pinterest and found some very creative ideas.

Julia from Throw Back Road threw her own party.  Here is a sneak peak of food she laid out…

How could anyone forget the silver balls that debut in the second book?  Take a look at these…

You thread dessert malted milk ball candies through mint dental floss.  Not quite what I had visualized while reading the book, but you get the idea.  The girl who made these for her book club said she received a standing ovation.

The rest of the photos are other ideas I found on pinterest.

The last couple photos come from Katherine at Inspire, Design, and Create.   You can find all the details on her decor set up and how to make that yummy looking grey cake and glitter wine glasses.

So, if you haven’t jumped on the Fifty Shades bandwagon, do so now!  I’m looking forward to talking about it with you.


Until next time ladies and gents…

Laters, baby.

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