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Well that was a long break, wasn’t it!? Kal and I both got super busy with end of the year type stuff at work and just did not have much time left for blogging. I’m not kidding, the last two or three weeks were ca-razy. But we’re back!

So I have my favorite white t-shirts and tanks that I wear all the time. They are constantly in the wash. And after wearing them so much they get these nasty yellow armpit stains. Ewwwwww. I can’t stand them. And then when that happens I can only wear them under other shirts because I don’t want to be judged by my yellow pits. So after googling around I found an unlikely solution. I think google brought me to pinterist (of course, I should have just started there), and I think this is the link I used. But it worked so well that I thought I’d show you.

You just combine two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part Dawn dish washing liquid and then add just a bit of baking soda. I actually made two batches of this mixture, one with the baking soda and one without and they both worked the same. The only difference was that when you wash the clothing it foams up A LOT more when you use the baking soda. I actually got a bit nervous that the bubbles were going to ooze out of the machine, but they didn’t.

Once you have it all mixed up, take a scrubbing brush or one of those bristle dish washing brushes and scrub it into the stains. Then just launder as usual and wait for the magic to happen. It took my shirts from this:

To this:

The coloring in the two sets of pictures is different, but you can still tell that the yellow stains are no longer there. Seriously, the pics do not do it justice! The solution is super easy to make and it is completely worth it.

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