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I was never planning on hiring a wedding videographer for my wedding thinking it wasn’t in my budget.  But then Cortney told me two of her good friends had recently started a videography business for fun.  Then I saw their prices and it was a done deal!  Brian and Ashley Newman from The NEWview were so much fun to have around on my wedding day.  They are a married couple with one adorable little boy, Oliver, and another on the way in June.  There are so many things I love about Brian and Ashley, and when they told me receiving a piece of wedding cake to go was Ashley’s most crucial point on their contract, I just knew we were going to get along great.  She shares the same cake obsession as I do!

Here’s the duo having fun in the photo booth during the welcome hour.

The wedding day came and went and when they emailed me the link to our “peek i do” video, I was beyond thrilled.  I kid you not, Brian and I watched it probably 25 times that day and 100 more times that week.  Brian, who could care less about this kind of stuff, said it was the best money he had ever spent.  He compared our wedding video to toothpicks (sounds weird I know, stick with me).  In Brian’s eyes, a box of toothpicks cost next to nothing but last a very long time.  Our wedding video was so reasonably priced but the memories would last forever.  When I told Ashley this, she thought it was the best thing ever and even sent us a box of toothpicks along with our wedding DVDs in the mail that said, “love the ‘toothpicks.'”

Alright, enough blabbering and to the good stuff.  This video is our “peek i do” video which is just to one song, so it’s short and very sweet.

Unfortunately our full version of highlights from the day was too big of a file for Vimeo.  It’s about 15 minutes long. So we’ll work on getting that up here in some other format. But just know that it is even better than the sneak peek!!!

So, at the top of this post I was trying to explain how amazing Ashley and Brian are at what they do with their videos.  But now, you’ve had a little taste and I can assume you now “get it”.  I love their laid back style and how they obviously spent so much time editing the video so it fit perfectly with the songs.

Lucky me, I get to see Brian and Ashley in action AGAIN this summer!  They’re filming my friends’ Brad and Kendal’s wedding in August.  Even though you may not know who Brad and Kendal are, you actually just saw them a ton!  They were both in our wedding party 😉  Can’t wait to see you again soon, Brian and Ashley!

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    That is awesome! I wish I had something like that from my wedding! Austin kept looking for Aunt Cort and Uncle Jeff, but it moved a little fast for us to spot them! 😉

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