Cake Pop Craze
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Cake pops have become such a craze lately. So much so that they’re everywhere you turn. Books, stores, molds, you name it. Well apparently our family caught the cake pop fever last summer right around Kal and Brian’s wedding. Kal decided that instead of buying a desert for the rehearsal dinner, she wanted to make them. And perfect enough, they became the table centerpieces. Booyaa for double duty!

Cute right! They look like a bouquet of colorful flowers but taste much better! We got a bunch of smallish, cheapo, and colorful flower pots and used them as the base. I’ll explain more on that later, but first let’s talk actual cake pop action. We made them again recently so we could take pics of all the action for you guys.

You’ll need a box of cake mix. Any flavor would work, but for the wedding we used vanilla, chocolate, and lemon. You’ll also need a can of frosting, again any flavor will do (if you use chocolate cake and vanilla frosting it tastes like an Oreo). And then you will need, candy melts/chocolate, sucker sticks ( you can get them at Michaels), ribbon, mini plastic bags, sprinkles, and flower foam for both letting the pops cool and to stick in the flower pots.

First thing you have to do is bake the cake according to the box directions. You could get all over achiever-ish and bake a cake from scratch. But we were making these in mass quantities for the wedding so that was way too much for us. Then after it is completely cool, take two forks and crumble it up it to very small pieces. Yes I know it seems weird to bake something and then destroy it, but just trust me.

Once you crumbed up your cake, poor it into a mixing bowl and add in the can of frosting. Mix it all together.

Then scoop out the cake mix by the spoonful and roll them into little balls and place them on a lined baking sheet. We usually make them so that they are 2 or 3 bites per cake pop. You just don’t want them too big or they won’t fit in the little individual bags. Once you have them all rolled out, put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes so the firm up just a bit.

In a bow or mug, met a small amount of the chocolate. Dip the end of one of the sucker sticks into the chocolate and push into the cake balls. This helps the cake stay on the stick. It would probably slide right off when during the next step if you didn’t do this. Then put them back in the freezer for another 15 minutes.

Melt a bunch more of the chocolate in the mug and dip and swirl the cake pop into it so that it becomes completely covered. While the chocolate is still wet add sprinkles. We just used multicolored ones this time, but for the wedding we used a bunch of solid colors so they looked like individual flowers.

Then the flower foam comes into play. We got a ring of green flower foam and used it to set the cake pop sticks into while they were drying. That way you don’t have to set them down and get one side that has a smashed/flat chocolate. Make sure to keep the plastic on so that you don’t get little bits of flower foam on the cake pop.

Once they’ve dried all you have left to do is decide how you want to display them. They look great just laying on a pretty tray, tied up into individual clear bags, or as a pretty bouquet in a pot. For the pot, just take more green flower foam and cut it to the size of the pot so that it sits closer to the top of it. Then just push in your cake pops and add some frilly paper so you don’t see the foam.

So there you have it! They taste aaaa-mazing, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

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