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Last week I shared what Kal’s bachelorette party entailed. Today I’m going to share what the invites looked like. I actually initially thought I would purchase some cute ones and just print out all the info. Yeah, that was a no go. Most of the invites I saw were black and bright pink, or with some sort of animal print on them. Typical bachelorette party stuff. So when I couldn’t find anything I liked or in my color scheme, I decided to make them myself.

PS: I forgot to white balance so all the pics are a little off. What else is new!?

I already had a decent amount of the things I would need to make them, and went to Paper Source for the rest.

I got A7 envelopes in Poppy, A7 cards in Poppy, A6 cards in Luxe, 4 bar cards in Blossom, and flat paper in Blossom as the base for the invitation to create a layered look. I also had to get envelope liner templates. That’s how I transformed the flat paper into the pretty envelope liner. I already had the embossing heat gun and use it all the time. Seriously one of the best purchases I’ve made. I also had the memory tape runner, embossing powder in gold and bridal, the ink pads, and the ring stamp.

To create the envelope liner grab your packer of envelope templates and find the one that matches your envelopes. I had A7 envelopes so I grabbed the A7 template. Don’t worry if it seems smaller than the actual envelope, it’s supposed to be. Then trace out the template onto your flat paper and cut it out.

Turn it over so that your tracing lines are face down. Get out the ink pad and embossing powder that you’re going to use. I used both a gold ink pad and gold embossing powder. Stamp just a few at a time, otherwise you’re ink will dry and the embossing powder won’t stick. I think I did about 4 stamps at a time. Then add your embossing powder on top of the stamps, as if you were adding glitter to glue. Tap off the excess. I did it so that some of the stamps are hanging off the page and they are facing all different directions. Once your liner is filled, take out your embossing heat gun and hold it a few inches above one of your stamps in a circular motion (as if you were using a hair dryer to dry something off). You’ll start to see the powder almost melt and fuse to the paper. Keep doing that until all the stamps are done.

Then slide the liner into the envelope, fold down the liner, add a stripe of the double stick tape to each side of the triangle, and stick it back to the flap of the envelope. You’re probably thinking that is a lot of work for an envelope. You’re right, it’s tedious. But I think it was worth it. And this is something that I would not do for a huge group of people. I think there were only around 25 people invited to the party. Any more than that and I probably would have skipped the embossing of the liner.

It’s hard to see the embossing in some of these pics, but I swear in person they really stand out. I was giddy with how good they looked once the entire thing was finished. After the envelope was done I moved on to the actual invitation. I first printed out all of the information onto the cream colored card. Then in the bottom right corner I did some more embossing. This time I used the pink ink pad and the bridal embossing powder. It’s a sparkly powder that toned down the bright pink just a bit. Then I just used the tape runner again to add a stripe to all fours sides and stick it onto the A7 card in poppy.

I didn’t want to crowd up the invite with all the information, so I also had an insert with all of the details. Once that was finished, I was done. Phew. Even though it’s tedious, I had some fun. I like getting my craft on.

I think it turned out pretty good!

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