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Sorry to those of you who subscribe and got an email with a completely unfinished post yesterday. There were some really odd technical difficulties going on, but I think all is back to normal. So back to the scheduled post…

I guess I could have titled it “For the almost not single lady” as this post is all about the night of debauchery that we all like to call the bachelorette party.  As Kal mentioned on Monday, we’ve decided to host somewhat of a wedding week.  And we thought it was supper fitting since this time of year starts off wedding season. Not to mention the fact that given my recent engagement (ahh, still sounds absolutely crazy to me), I’ve had wedding planning on the brain. And what better way to kick off posts about weddings than the bachelorette party! It is one of the biggest events that surround the actual wedding. So I’m going to share what I did to throw my sister a party in honor of her last few weeks of singleness.

This party took place before we had our blog, so I wish there was way more documentation of the little details, but we’ll make do with what pics I do have.

We started off the night with cocktails, appetizers, deserts, and gifts at my apartment in the city. I chose pink, yellow, and orange as the jumping off point for the decorations. My sister requested (and I agreed wholeheartedly) that the typical bachelorette party decorations/accessories not join the party. I’m sure you ladies know exactly what I mean! So instead I went with the fun springish color combo while using a few “ring” accessories.

I really wanted a fun and cute pinata as a decoration, but I could not find one for the life of me. All of them were bright primary colors in shapes that I didn’t want. Once I set my mind to a pinata, I was absolutely determined to get one even if I had to make it. Which is exactly what I did. No, I didn’t actually put candy it in, it was just for decoration. I know, I’m crazy. I took an old box and cut it into six triangles and taped them together. Then I hand cut strips of tissue paper, fringed them, and glued them to the pinata. It too for.ev.er, but I like the way it turned out.

I also grabbed some plain cards from Paper Source and attached pics of Brian and Kalin throughout the years to display on the fireplace. Everyone loved looking at them. Some of the pics were quite funny, because they looked so different. These two have been together since high school people!

I actually filled that big glass apothecary jar with pink, orange, and yellow gumballs purely for decoration. But they actually turned out to be a huge hit. I think by the next morning there was only 1/3 of them left. I also grabbed a few bouquets of carnations that fit the colors and split them up into little mercury glass votive glasses.

As for food, I kept it simple with lots of appetizer finger foods. Funny enough these are the only two pics of the food that was at the party, but in my opinion deserts are the best anyways. I got Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes and then just added the sparkly ring toppers. I am not lying when I say this, but Sweet Mandy B’s have THE BEST cupcakes ever. Hands down. If you are ever in Chicago and in the Lincoln Park area, I highly HIGHLY suggest stopping by.

The other desert we had were caramel and chocolate covered pretzel rods. I took the square caramels and rolled them out so they looked like long snakes. Then I wrapped them around the top 1/2 of the rods and dipped them in chocolate. I added fun sprinkles to make them extra festive. They were delicious too!

After we ate and mingled for a bit, Kal opened her presents. I think my favorite gift she got was her bachelorette veil to wear for the night. It was actually the veil that my mom handmade for our communions ages ago. She saved it all these years and we had no idea she brought it for her to wear for the night. It was such a thoughtful idea and was way cuter than the flimsy ones they sell in the stores.

That is what was left after all the gifts were opened. She is a loved girl I tell ya!

From my place we ventured out into the city for a show and some cocktails. All in all, it was a great night with fun had by all! And more importantly the bride had a blast!

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