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So I guess we have been slackers this week huh? Sorry! But remember when I said that my spring break was a complete whirlwind? Yeah well I feel like it’s been that way since. Want to know why? I have another video for you that just might explain.



Yep, I have a new accessory…..on my left ring finger! Ahhhhhh! Crazy right!? Last week I posted all about how Jeff and I cooked lobsters and made a video about it. Well it was Jeff’s idea to video it all and apparently it was so that I would not become suspicious of the video camera for the actual proposal. Cute huh? I actually had a completely different version of the video ready to share, but then I decided that I wanted to keep the things that were said right before and during the proposal between just the two of us. So you get to see my squeal of a reaction when I realized he was recording it instead. And the song during the video, Mary Me by Train, was actually the song that was playing during the proposal.

Jeff has great taste if I do say so myself! So yeah, the past few weeks have been spent seeing people, celebrating, and starting to plan for the big day. Starting being the key word, absolutely nothing is planned out or set in stone yet.

A couple days after we got engaged, we went to dinner at Candlelite with some friends. And this is what was waiting for us when we arrived. By the way, they have the best thin crust pizza ever in my opinion.

Photo by Joey Lax-Salinas

So fun right!? We were really excited! And I was even more excited when I realized the photographer that does most of the work for Candlelite was there that night and was able to take these pics of the sign for us!

Photo by Joey Lax-Salinas

So yeah, my life = whirlwind. But can you blame me? Jeff and I are beyond excited and even though planning a wedding is a daunting task, we are up for every minute of it!

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