Love and Lobster
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Over my break, Jeff and I decided to do something that we had never done before. We decided that although we love going out to dinner and trying out all the new restaurants, we just wanted to do something fun at home. So we decided to….drum roll please……cook live lobsters! Ahhhh! It was actually way easier than I anticipated and it turned out to be a blast! We put together a little video for you. Well ok it’s not “little”. It’s actually about 7min 30sec. But it’s a little bit of fun mixed in with some instructions on how to cook the lobster.

We used the HD GoPro camera to record everything. It’s this really cool little thing that is meant for extreme sports. You can get all these crazy accessories like a head strap, chest strap, water proof case, etc. so you can record your crazy stunts like jumping out of an airplane and what not. We got it because we thought it would be fun for when we go boating and tubing in the summer but thought it would be fun for other everyday things as well. It was our first time using the camera so the video turned out a little dark, but that’s ok.



Did you see me literally throw the lobster into the pot!? I don’t know why but I was so afraid of that thing! We had a lot of lobster meat left over so I made lobster bisque. I used an incredibly easy recipe:

Lobster Bisque

1 can cream of shrimp soup (I couldn’t find this so I just used tomato soup and it tasted great)
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
3 c. milk (I used 1.5 cups heavy cream, and 1.5 cups skim milk)
1/2 – 1 lb. lobster cut into small pieces

Combine soups together. Add milk and 1/2 of the lobster meat. Use a hand blender (or real blender) to get rid of any chunks/lumps. Add the rest of the lobster meat pieces and cook slowly until very hot. Do not boil.

I know it sounds weird to use tomato and mushroom soups in lobster bisque, but it was actually really good. It had just a hint of tomato and you couldn’t taste the mushroom. It was the perfect combination so that it wasn’t “fishy”.


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  • Amy Lindell

    Austin and I loved this! He said, “Mommy, I want to see it again!” He said, “Did they cut that monster to eat?” I said, “Not MONSTER, LOBSTER!” Very cute video! We’re loving “Drive By” these days too! :)

  • Kali

    Jeff looks extra pretty in that pink apron! I can’t wait to see the video you share next. You’re all in for a biiiiiiiiig surprise!!!!!

  • Kelley

    you guys are way too cute!!

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