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I’m baaaack! As Kal said yesterday, we took a week off to enjoy our spring breaks. We sound like college students heading off for a week-long party when we say spring break but being a teacher means that we still get one glorious week off during the month of March. It just doesn’t included a bunch of college students, cheap beer, and a really crowded hotel room. Or maybe it does? Hmm. Jeff and I didn’t head anywhere, but we did have a great week. I’ll get to more about what my whirlwind of a week was like on another day, but for now lets talk Easter.

Remember my post on a spring mantel? I mentioned these cute little egg.

They look like normal Easter eggs that have been colored. But nope. They aren’t your typical egg. Pick them up and flip them over and and you’ll find a little patch of tissue paper where there used to be shell. Then crack the egg open and instead of a white and yolk, you’ll find fun and colorful confetti.

Sorry for the crazy bad lighting in the pic on the right. Call me lazy, but I just didn’t feel like taking another pic. What? Don’t judge. Isn’t honesty supposed to be a good thing? Anyway, I had mentioned that I was going to add these fun gems to my jar filled with moss and I finally got on that.

I should have taken a pic of the other side too because there are some fun yellow and red ones over there. It definitely makes it more Easter-ish than spring-ish. But that is actually the extent of my Easter decorating. I have a few cute an fun things I could have put up around the house, but time got away from me. I figured my mantel gave the Easter feel without being too over-the-top Easter-ish.

What Easter decorations or crafts have you guys done this year?

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