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Bloggin ’bout Blogs, Wedding Edition
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Aren’t I so lucky to have a sister to put so much time and effort into my bachelorette party?  Weeks afterwards friends were saying it was the most fun they had in a long time.  Cort sure has set the bar high and I’m really looking forward to organizing hers within the next year Thinking

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Invites & Embossing
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Last week I shared what Kal’s bachelorette party entailed. Today I’m going to share what the invites looked like. I actually initially thought I would purchase some cute ones and just print out all the info. Yeah, that was a no go. Most of the invites I saw were black and bright pink, or with

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For The Single Lady
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Sorry to those of you who subscribe and got an email with a completely unfinished post yesterday. There were some really odd technical difficulties going on, but I think all is back to normal. So back to the scheduled post… I guess I could have titled it “For the almost not single lady” as this

Wedding Week… Here we Come!
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Ahhhhhhh!  It’s been killing me not to mention Cort and Jeff being engaged, since it happened 3 weeks ago!  I’ve been having wedding planning withdrawal for the last year so I cannot wait to help my sister with all the details.  To celebrate her wedding planning extravaganza and since spring wedding season is shortly arriving,

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Wonders of the Web: Birthday Edition
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALI!   My little sister, friend, an blog partner is enjoying a birthday today and so I thought that our wonders of the web post should be birthday themed. Kal is the best sister a girl could ever ask for. She has been there for me throughout the years and I am so

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So I guess we have been slackers this week huh? Sorry! But remember when I said that my spring break was a complete whirlwind? Yeah well I feel like it’s been that way since. Want to know why? I have another video for you that just might explain.     Yep, I have a new

Wonders of the Web, Easter Edition!
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Easter is right around the corner, so recenlty I’ve been searching for some Easter inspiration.  Lucky for you, I’m sharing all my findings today. We’re headed over to my mom’s for Easter brunch on Sunday.  If you’re the one hosting, here are some things you can use to “Easter-ize” your gathering. I was looking for

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Love and Lobster
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Over my break, Jeff and I decided to do something that we had never done before. We decided that although we love going out to dinner and trying out all the new restaurants, we just wanted to do something fun at home. So we decided to….drum roll please……cook live lobsters! Ahhhh! It was actually way

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I’m baaaack! As Kal said yesterday, we took a week off to enjoy our spring breaks. We sound like college students heading off for a week-long party when we say spring break but being a teacher means that we still get one glorious week off during the month of March. It just doesn’t included a

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Mason Jar Chandelier
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Sorry we’ve been MIA this past week!  Cort and I took some time to relax over our spring break.  I spent a few of my days off visiting Nashville.  I’m a huge country music fan and have always wanted to visit the honkey tonks where most musicians started their careers.  Downtown Nashville was everything I

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