Spring Has Sprung
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Ok so it feels more like summer has come. But honestly, I’ll take either. Anything but the gloom of the winter. When I think of spring, I think of bright colors and flowers. So when it came time to fancying up my mantel for spring, that’s what I went with. It’s nothing extravagant, but it’s still brighter and more colorful than it was before.

It was pretty simple, and I used a lot of things that I already had on hand. The print I bought off ETSY from the vendor Silso. It’s ironically titled “Spring Garden” and so clearly it was a good choice for my spring themed mantel. I love that it adds so much color without being too overwhelming.

I’ve had those glittery birds for ages. I think I actually got them at Michaels one year around Christmas time. I also used them this year for my Christmas mantel and other decorations. But they’re birds, and birds also are springy, so they’ve made a second appearance. I love me some glitter, so maybe that’s why I just can’t bring myself to put them away. And yes, that is an upside down ramekin under the candle stick. I needed some height variation, and so that was my solution. You can’t really see it when not standing at a weird angle to take pics.

The only things I bought specifically for the mantel were the daffodil bulbs and the moss. I planted the bulbs in two different sized white pots and got the moss at Michaels in the flower section. I do not have a green thumb at all, so who knows how long the daffodils will last, but I swear I’m going to try! I actually wanted wheat grass in a long and shallow rectangular pot for the middle of the mantel instead of flowers, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If I end up killing the daffodils that’s what I’ll do. Because let’s be honest, grass is way harder to kill than flowers.

Complete sidenote: see that crazy nasty boob light that’s reflected in the mirror. That is one of the many things I would change if I owned this place. Boob lights are the worst!

I actually also bought these confetti filled eggs. They are real egg shells that are filled with the colorful confetti and then closed up again with tissue paper. I think as it gets closer to Easter, I’ll remove a bit of the moss and add some of the eggs. They look just like real Easter eggs, but they won’t spoil!

Anyone else do some spring sprucing and decorating?

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