Up for the Challenge: DIY Wall Art
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I heart Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of it by now, you must be living under a rock. Seriously it’s the bee’s knees. It’s like the Holy Grail for DIYers and art lovers and foodies and just general internet browsers. I can literally get sucked in for hours at a time. So when some of my favorite fellow bloggers declared a Pinterest Challenge, I was all in. I first read about it here and here.

Basically they were sick of pinning things to their boards and not actually following through with the project. So they decided to challenge themselves, and anyone else who wants to join the partaaay to create one thing inspired from their Pinterest boards. The only rule is that you can’t straight up copy it, you must add your own spin to the project.

Perfect. Done and done. Consider me challenged. But lets first meet those who are heading this whole thing up.

Katie from Bower Power is the genius who dreamed up this amazing idea, Sherry is from Young House Love, Erin is from The Great Indoors, and Cassie is from Hi Sugarplum. Aren’t they all just so darn pretty?! I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

So do you want to see what my inspiration pin was? Well it doesn’t really matter what your answer is, because I’m going to show it anyway. Here it is:

You can find it under my Adorable Art pinboard, but the original source comes from Laura over at The Embellished Nest. Isn’t it fun? We reallllly needed some art in our bedroom. There was seriously nothing up on the walls. And we actually just switched around our dresses….yes, to better accommodate Jeff and his nightly TV watching from the bed. He’s a tall guy and so when the TV was on the shorter dresser he said he felt like he was craning his neck to watch it. Uncomfortable, yes. And so even though it was not nearly as esthetically pleasing, I’m the best girlfriend ever and said it was ok to switch them around. That is a long story just to say that once we switched them our walls looked even more bare than they did before, so hanging art was imperative. Since we are currently renting, I did not want to spend a lot of money on art for fear that it might not work well in a future space of ours. So creating some myself was the answer. But I can’t paint a figure or landscape to save my life. Seriously. If you told me to draw a dog, it would end up looking like a big pile o’ icky stuff. So I decided to go the abstract route, and that’s why this DIY painting by Laura was my inspiration.

I trotted on over to Michaels and picked up three 20×20 canvases for about $9 each (thanks to a 40% off coupon). I already had a bunch of Liquitex acrylic paints on hand, so I didn’t need to buy any of those, but I did also pick up some circle shaped labels like the ones you see with prices on them at garage sales. I loved the idea of using tape or stickers to tape off the portion that you don’t want to paint, but instead of straight lines, I wanted some curves. So I laid one canvas out on a drop cloth and started adding the circle stickers to it so they were dense in the middle and dissipating towards the edges. Ignore the crazy lighting/coloring, I took these pics at night.

It looks like a fun mess of confetti! But I didn’t stop there. Next I wanted to paint the entire thing blue and then add streaks of other colors.

Once I added all the color brush strokes I used a toothpick to get under the edge of the dots and take them off. It was for sure colorful, but I didn’t like it like I thought I would. It was too dark for what I wanted. I needed something that would brighten up the space, not darken it. Fail! So I decided to repaint it. I couldn’t wait to change it, so much so that I completely forgot to take a picture beforehand. So on the next attempt I decided to just go with gold. It’s more of a deeper brushed gold than a bright gold. This time it was kinda tricky to paint since the dots were no longer there so I just carefully painted around the circles. And this time I was really happy with how it turned out!

I purposefully left a teeny tiny bit of the blue around the circles. I think it gives it a bit more texture and somewhat defines the white circles mores. I’m loving gold accessories lately, both in fashion and in the home. Once I finished this one, I moved on to the other two canvases. I knew I wanted them to be the same to create some symmetry. I thought some sort of symbol might be kinda fun, but I wasn’t really having luck finding something that I liked and wasn’t super intricate and difficult. Then out of nowhere I thought of the symbol for infinity. A sideways figure eight of sorts. It was simple, and I really liked what it symbolized. So I googled an image of it, printed it out, and cut out a stencil using adhesive stencil film. When starting this whole painting project, I had the intention to make the infinity canvases all gold and then leaving the stenciled part white. But when I repainted the first canvas all gold I had to change my game plan. It would have been way too much gold. So instead I carefully traced the stencil once it was on the canvas and then pulled it off leaving an outline. Then I just filled in my outline so the symbol was all gold and the rest of the canvas was white.

I really liked how they looked on the dresser leaning against the wall. But I made them specifically to fill up the empty space on the wall, so that’s where I ended up putting them.

We have art!!! Finally! Here are a couple of close ups for ya.

So all in all I think it was a success. Mission completed! Thanks for all the motivation fellow bloggers and pinners! I’m excited to see what everyone else has come up with!

Have any of you guys created some custom art? Spill it!

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