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We seem to be on the theme of memories this week.  So when I was thinking of what to write today, I thought of Rebecca Coopers Month in Photos.

It’s no secret I love taking pictures.  The problem is taking the time to print off the pictures I take.  For the last couple of years I’ve taken time every January to create a shutterfly book with all the photos I’ve taking over the year before.  I love how I don’t have to order prints and put them into albums and that all my photos are in once place in sequential order.  Anal enough?  Yes.  But now I’ve found myself procrastinating.  I have yet to begin a book for 2011.  Then I came across Rebecca Coopers blog, fell in love, and now I am a follower.

Rebecca takes a short moment at the end of each month, rather than at the end of each year, to put a monthly collage together.  She prints them off onto 12×12 pages so they can fit perfectly in a scrapbook.  She even gives away her templates if you’re a follower.

I’m thinking of doing this and rather than putting them into a scarpbook right away, put them in a few frames for a collage wall in my house.  Then I can change out a frame each month.  Now all I have to do is… well, make them!  Cort and I are taking our second photography class in early March, then my next goal is to take a photoshop class this summer.  Hopefully then I’ll feel confident enough to put frame worthy photos up in my house and good enough to share with all of you!  In the  meantime, you can enjoy Rebecca’s photos from January:

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