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I hope everyone had a a nice long weekend! I spent mine having a little fun, catching up on some things around the house, and partaking in a special celebration. You see, our Dad turned 65 on Sunday and we’ve had a little something up our sleeves for about a month.

We’ve been secretly gathering emails of friends, family, and others who might want to participate in a birthday project. We then sent an email out to everyone asking them to send us a memory they have of our Dad. Old, new, photos, articles, whatever they had, we wanted it. Our plan was to accumulate 65 memories to represent his 65 years. We were going to package each one up in an envelope separately and number them from 1 through 65. Something similar to this, all wrapped up with a pretty bow.

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Notice how I said “original plan?” Yea, we ended up deviating from that original plan a bit. There were so many people that sent in memories, a lot of them sent more that one, to the point where we had many more that our original goal of 65! Our Dad is a pretty awesome guy, he is loved! We really didn’t want to pick and choose the 65 memories, we wanted to included them all. And then we thought that the pretty package of stacked envelopes was cute, but might not be so practical. Once they were read, what if a few of the envelopes got lost? Well that would make our keepsake gift fairly pointless wouldn’t it? So we decided to go with a book format instead. I don’t know much about scrapbooking, nor have I ever really made one, so we’ll just call this a memory book. I went to my local Michaels and grabbed a book and some simple paper. We really wanted the memories to be the focus, so we decided to keep it simple and without embellishments. Then I just laid out all of the memories and taped them down using this crazy fun gadget. It’s a double sided tape contraption that works like one of those whiteout pens.

Paper Source

Once it was complete we wrapped it up and headed to our dads for an evening of celebration. It was hard for us to wait to give it to him! And when we did give it to him, of course we documented it!

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it! There is so much to the book that he could not read every single one on the spot, but it was fun to watch him realize how many people contributed.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful Dad we know!

Come back tomorrow for a video of him opening it. Real reactions are always better than pictures!

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  • Joy Mellwig

    Girls, Thanks you for letting us share in a part of your Dad’s birthday. Joy

  • Aunt Tricia

    Cortney and Kali, two of my 12 precious babies,
    You did a great job and are so creative. I can’t wait to get home again so I can read the book myself. It was so smart of you to put everything in a book. Thank you for doing this special thing for my big brother. You’re right, he is loved! So are you.
    Aunt Tricia