I Want A Hippopotamus…
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…. for a shower, only a hippopotamus will do. No, not the getting clean in the tub type of shower. A baby shower! One of my best (and my longest) friends is preggers and will pop at the end of March. This past weekend was her baby shower and so I thought I’d share some of the adorable decorations. Soooo where does a hippo come in? Well Wendy loves em. Especially when they are tiny and cute and chubby. So naturally her mom and sister decided on hippos and other cute critters as the theme.

Wendy and I

Gotta get the side view

She’s all belly isn’t she?! Please excuse the really bad and blurry pics. We are so washed out….or maybe we’re just that pale. I of course forgot my good camera so the iPhone had to do.  Not that my pics with a good camera are any better, I’m still learning. Back to the shower. So with the theme set, Wendy’s sister Kelly had this cake made.

Is that not the cutest thing ever!? And let me tell ya, it was delicious too! But that wasn’t the only adorable thing there. Wendy’s aunt made the centerpieces. I’m sure you’ve seen the ever popular diaper cakes right? And if not in person, then I’m sure you’ve seen it in the episode of Sex and the City where it’s Miranda’s baby shower. Well her aunt made mini versions for the tables.

Here’s a close up for you.

Such a cute idea! I took a look at one as they were packing them up to go home. Here’s how I think you could copy the idea.  She used a plain plastic florist’s “bowl” as the base (not sure what you call them, but I’m sure you could get them at Michael’s by the florists foam stuff) but I’m sure you could use any shallow bowl, with green flower foam sitting in the base (first soak it in water). Then arrange the flowers into the foam so they made a ring leaving just enough room for the diapers to sit on top. You might have to use flower picks and wire for the flowers that don’t have thick woodsy stems. Make sure you have a barrier on top of the foam so the diapers don’t get wet. A plastic disk or a tupperware lid would work. Then roll up 6 infant diapers and arrange in a circle, using card stock or craft paper around them to keep it in a tight ring shape. Then add a small stuffed animal on top. Adorable!

For favors they found treat boxes that had a hippo on them and filled them with candy. Perfect for me and my sweet tooth!

All in all it was the perfect shower for Wendy.

Who else has that song stuck in their head? “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus will do….” Yeah, I’ll be singing that allllll day. Sorry bout that!

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