lavish Lashes
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I don’t take a lot of time to do my makeup each morning before work.  To give myself 10 more minutes of snooze in the am prior to my 45 minute commute, I limit my eyes to just eyeliner and mascara.  Mascara makes the biggest difference.  I’ve tried dozens of brands and about two years ago I found the perfect one.

People often ask me what mascara I use.  My girlfriend Becky texted me the other day asking again while she was out shopping.  Lucky for you, her text inspired me to share with all of you!  The mascara I use is Hypnose by Lancome.  It lengthens and adds volume without clumping.  I love it.

I even used the waterproof version for my wedding day and didn’t have to add any false lashes.

Sorry to make that photo so gigantic.  I just wanted you to get a good glimpse of the lashes.

So, there ya go.  I 100% recommend it! You can order a bottle online or grab one from any Lancome location.  I get mine at Macys.

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