Soup-er Bowl Cook Off
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Ok, not soup, more like chili.  Sunday we headed over to our friend’s place to watch the super bowl and enjoy lots o’ chili!  Everyone was asked to bring a chili recipe.  We then tasted each and voted on a winner.  It was crock pot galore at Brad’s house!

When it came time for Brian and I to choose a recipe for our chili cook off, I knew I needed to find a recipe that would suit Brian.  That means no beans and extra spicy!  So, I spotted this Emeral recipe and knew it would meet Brian’s needs.

Of course we made a few changes.  We never added the Mexican oregano, added extra garlic, and one fresh habanero.  We also cooked it in the crock pot rather than in a dutch oven.  We still seared the meat with garlic beforehand, but added the onion and everything else in the crock pot.  We started cooking it on Saturday, put it in the fridge Saturday night to let the flavors combine, then reheated it on Sunday morning.  After letting it simmer for hours, just stirring it with a wooden spoon shredded the meat.  This is how it looked Sunday morning in the pot.

To tame the spice we added about 3/4 c of heaving whipping cream at the last minute when we added the last cup of beef broth with the masa harina (corn based flour, see the “flour” package in the background of the second picture below).

To top off the chili we fried our own tortilla strips (thanks for the inspiration Aunt Cyndi!).  We used vegetable oil and brought it to 350 degrees in a medium sized sauce pan.  Then we added about 8 strips at a time, left them in until crisp, laid them on a paper towel and sprinkled with seasoning salt.

Here’s our final product.  If you like spicy chili, you should definitely try it!  If you like it not so spicy, just omit the hot peppers and substitute with bell peppers.

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