Day Zero Project
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My friend Lauren emailed me a link to this website the other day thinking I’d be interested.  She was right.  It’s called Day Zero Project.

It’s a place where you can set and achieve your personal goals in life.  That sounds really nerdy.  But after looking around the website, it is really neat.  You create 101 goals and you have 1,001 days to complete them.

You can create goals on your own, or search ones that people have already made.  Here’s the list for their top 101 goals.

Your goals can be anything small like go barefoot all day or take a dance class, to something more intense like travel to Italy (that’s at the top of my list :)) You can even search topic tags (photography, romance, money, travel, etc).

I figured I’d better start small and simple (minus the Italy trip.  I need to save lots ‘o $ first!).  Here’s 10 things I’m promising myself to achieve.  The remaining 91… well, they’ll come eventually.  I do have  2.75 years after all.

1. Travel to Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Almafi Coast… other suggestions?).

2. Enjoy drinks and listen to live country music at several honky tonks in Nashville.

3. Take a photo of a place in all 4 seasons.

4. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.

5. Ask 10 friends to suggest a book and read them all.

6. Go on a picnic.

7. Visit the Adler Planetarium.

8. Volunteer somewhere.

9. Learn to wear my hair more than two ways.

10. Design a tattoo.  If I actually go through with it is a maybe…

Any other ideas?  Please share!

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  • Lauren

    YAY. I love it. How about…Go a full day without technology (cell phone, tv, computer), drink more water, VISIT LAUREN IN DENVER. That should be the top of your list!