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Just Made Another Just Married
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I LOVE making banners.  Mostly because they look so cute in pictures, like here. Photos by Primavera Studios My principal at work is getting married in May and loved the banners I made for my wedding.  So I offered to make her some of her own.  Her wedding colors are navy blue, raspberry pink and

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cool whip, cool hearts
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We’ve had a very mild winter this season (picture me knocking on wood as I type that), but this past Friday we got a little snow. There were even a few areas around us that had a snow day. I wish I had gotten a picture first thing in the morning, because it was actually

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Month In Photos
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We seem to be on the theme of memories this week.  So when I was thinking of what to write today, I thought of Rebecca Coopers Month in Photos. It’s no secret I love taking pictures.  The problem is taking the time to print off the pictures I take.  For the last couple of years

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Memories, Part 2
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Yesterday I shared what we did for my Dad’s birthday. We got all secretive and had something in the works for a little over a month. You can get all the details and see what it looked like here. Of course Kal and I documented the whole ‘opening of the present’ thing….both with photos and

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I hope everyone had a a nice long weekend! I spent mine having a little fun, catching up on some things around the house, and partaking in a special celebration. You see, our Dad turned 65 on Sunday and we’ve had a little something up our sleeves for about a month. We’ve been secretly gathering

Kendra Scott your Face Off…
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… or wrist, neck, or finger. I came across Kendra Scott jewelry when I was planning my wedding last year.  I fell in love with all her earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.  I went with her Carmella Stud earring but used the color bar to personalize it with my chosen gems.  You can check out how myself and other brides used

I Want A Hippopotamus…
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…. for a shower, only a hippopotamus will do. No, not the getting clean in the tub type of shower. A baby shower! One of my best (and my longest) friends is preggers and will pop at the end of March. This past weekend was her baby shower and so I thought I’d share some

lavish Lashes
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  I don’t take a lot of time to do my makeup each morning before work.  To give myself 10 more minutes of snooze in the am prior to my 45 minute commute, I limit my eyes to just eyeliner and mascara.  Mascara makes the biggest difference.  I’ve tried dozens of brands and about two

Priceless Pampering
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I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentines Day. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was a fan when I was little and we got to celebrate with a fun class party, candy, and games. As I got older however, it just seemed tedious. It became a day filled with overpriced flowers and dinners, and

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Wonders of the Web
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…the recipe edition. Since it is food week here on JKR, it only makes sense. Right? So here is what has caught our eye around the web recently. A rich and delicious cup of homemade hot chocolate sounds amazing right about now. And these cute heart marshmallows would make it even better! Mignon Kitchen Company,