Kal’s Famous Margs
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Today is a very exciting day on Just KaliRae.  Today you’ll find the famous recipe for my margaritas!   This is a concoction that everyone is always asking me how to make.  The original recipe came from my college roommate’s mom, but I made some alterations to it along the way.

These margs are a staple at any summer lake house trip.  They’re the perfect day drinking refreshments :) But the drink also worked with the color scheme for our mom’s 60th birthday party and paired perfectly with the Mexican food we served for dinner.

Here’s the recipe I used to fill that giant drink dispenser:

Mix all the following together…

  • 4 cans of frozen limeade (thawed)
  • one handle of tequila
  • one 2 liter bottle of sprite zero
  • fill the empty 2 liter bottle with water and add
  • 4 beers

Here’s the recipe I use to make one pitcher size:

Mix all the following together in a pitcher…

  • 1 can frozen limeade (I often mix it up by using raspberry limeade/lemonade mix, too!)
  • fill the empty can from the limeade with tequila
  • fill the can with sprite zero
  • fill the can with water
  • 1 beer

Here is a printable version: Kal’s Famous Margaritas

Alongside the margs we gave guests the option of using straws.  Cort bought these from the Etsy shop Hey Yo Yo.  Aren’t they cute?  Even Brian liked ’em.

If you’re down for a fiesta, these margaritas are a must!  Try them and you’ll be addicted.  Maybe you’ll become known for them, too!

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