Sweet Tooth Table for Mom’s 60th
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Cort mentioned yesterday that we created a sweets table for our mom’s birthday party and today I’m sharing all the details.

Cort ordered all the candy from www.nuts.com.  To stick with the color theme, she choose lemon fruit slices, grey and yellow sixlets, and black and white gummy peach penguins.

Cort and I spent the Friday night before the big day baking our faces off.  We began with peanut butter chocolate covered oreos and pretzel rods.  We filled a medium sized sauce pan with about 1-2 inches of water.  We placed a glass bowl on top of the sauce pan (not touching the water) and brought the water to a boil.  We added one bag of chocolate chips and about 1/2 c of peanut butter to the glass bowl and stirred until it melted.  We then dunked in oreos and pretzel rods and placed on wax paper.  We topped them off with yellow and white sprinkles and placed them in the fridge until hard.

Next were the cupcakes!  To be honest, Cort and I had our hands full preparing this party.  So we used a vanilla boxed mix for the cakes.  However, we stepped it up a bit when it came to the frosting.  Cortney is more than obsessed with Sweet Mandy B’s in Chicago.  Somehow Cort got her hands on their buttercream frosting. We aren’t for certain it’s the exact recipe that they use, but it tastes pretty close to us! Here is a printable version (slightly altered from the version Cort found). We ended up with powdered sugar all over the kitchen and us, but it was soooo worth the taste!  This frosting is delish!  We added some yellow food coloring to stick with our colors.  Cort piped frosting on some and I used an icing knife to do the rest.

Last but definitely not least….. Aunt Cyndi’s sugar cookies!!!!  Aunt Cyndi is famous for her cookies.  You probably remember a glimpse of them  from Cort’s Christmas post.  Not only are her cookies beautiful to the eye, but they’re yummy for the tummy.  She creates the most outrageous flavors.  Everything from lemon to lavender.  When Aunt Cyndi asked what she could help with, Cort and I knew her cookies were a must.  Everyone was munching on them all night.  Lucky for me, Aunt Cyndi had made a ton so I had some leftovers to take home. :)

I don’t think I’ve ever described a cookie as pretty until Aunt Cyndi began making these creations.  My favorites are the small bite size ones.  No crumbs! Mmmmmmm!

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