60th Party Decorations
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So now that you’ve seen the idea board, invitations, and guest book, it’s time to show off some of the details. But before we begin, here is the idea board one more time to refresh your memory.

We were going for a lot of pictures as part of the party theme and had two major places we wanted to showcase said pictures. One being the sweets table. We just had to have a sweets table, it was obvious. I mean come on, we all have huge sweet teeth (how in the world do you make that plural without it sounding strange? sweet tooths, sweet teeth, they both sound strange to me). See that top left grouping of pics in our idea board? That was our inspiration for the sweets table. It’s hard to tell, but those colorful fringy streamers are hanging from the ceiling in the picture. We loved the layered look, but decided to layer them flat on the wall as the backdrop to our table instead of hanging them from the ceiling. I ordered crepe paper folds in yellow and grey to make the fringe. It’s basically one giant sheet of crepe paper (about 7.5′ x 20″) and is way easier than using tissue paper because it stretches. Before unrolling the paper I cut it in half. Then unrolled it and used scissors to fringe it by cutting slits all the way across.

I had an old window laying around that my friend Ashley gave me, and I thought it would make the perfect spot to display the pictures on. We ended up pushing the table right up to the wall with the fringe, adding a white table cloth (actually in this case it was a white flat sheet) and then leaning the window up against the fringe. The pic below is not a straight on shot of the entire table, but you get the idea. Kal is going to post more on the actual sweets tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

The second way we wanted to display pictures was in the form of a big number 60. If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen this picture floating around. We had a perfect spot in the living room for it, on the big windows. We scanned a whole bunch of pictures into the computer, converted them all to black and white, printed them out and simply used tape to put them up. It wasn’t as obvious that it was a 6 and a 0 as it was in the inspiration pic since it wasn’t on a white background, but we thought it still turned out well.

We actually used pictures in a few more unlikely spots. Like party hats! Yes, party hats! I had custom stickers with pics of my mom as a little girl made in two sizes from Zazzle. They have all different shapes to pick from, but we used the standard round. We got 3″round ones and slapped them on some yellow party hats, and used the smaller 1.5″ round ones to make cute little cupcake picks (we just used a toothpick and sandwiched them between two stickers).

Aren’t those just the cutest things ever?! Ok so I may be a little biased since I think my mom was the most adorable little girl ever, but either way, they’re super cute.

Our next project didn’t involve any pictures. But it did involve gigantic balloons. So gigantic that the lady a the party store said, “these balloons scare me” when we were having them filled. That’s quite a statement when you deal with balloons all day. You should have seen us trying to fit them in the car! I have seen pictures of the Geronimo Ballon-Troopers and thought they were adorable, but they were not so adorably priced. So I decided to try my take on them. I ordered two yellow 36″ round balloons, two white 24″ round balloons, and two silver 24″ round balloons from Balloons Fast. Then all I did was have them filled at my local party store for a small fee and add tons of ribbons. They turned out to be a great statement piece, although a little less dramatic and embellished as the true Geronimo balloons.

See the grouping of pictures in the lower left corner of the idea board? Sprinkles and a candle, not what you would expect to see grouped together right? We wanted to have some candles sprinkled around the party but also wanted a way to incorporate some more yellow, so we thought sprinkles would be the perfect base for thm. We ordered a bunch of yellow sprinkles (I think it was about 3 lbs worth) from Nuts.com and poured them into the candle votive jars. Then just added the candles right on top. Really easy, and really cute.

So that’s about it for the major decorations. We didn’t end up doing the paper wheels that you see in the idea board (on the right side of the board). We had so much other stuff going on that we didn’t feel we needed them.

Come back tomorrow to check out all the yummy deserts and our signature drink.

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