Surprise, It’s A Party!
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Our amazing mom had a big birthday recently, and so Kali and I have been secretly scheming and dreaming up a fun surprise party to honor her. This past weekend the party came to fruition, and so naturally we thought we’d share every last detail.   We’ve always loved grey and yellow as a color combo, so they became our colors and scrapbook/black and white pictures became our theme. we started the planning process by gathering inspiration photos and then putting them all together into one big idea board.

The catch was that we were going to be hosting the party at our mom’s house. Ambitious, we know! Neither Kali nor I have enough space for 40+ people, so it was our only option. Therefore we couldn’t get too crazy with all the decorations because we wouldn’t have an extensive amount of time to put throw them up (yes when you are hurrying to get decorations up it feels like you are literally throwing them into place). There ended up being a few changes here and there, but for the most party we stayed fairly true to the idea board.

Stop back later today for another post on the adorable invitations we sent out. And of course all of the details will be proudly displayed throughout the week!

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