Make your Fireplace Pop
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I am a frequent HGTV viewer.  I wish I had the money for Candice Olsen to design my whole house, I imagine I’m the person buying exotic homes on House Hunters International, and I fantasize what I would do if I ran into Alison at Home Depot (I desperately need a Kitchen crash!).  Since I don’t have the cash to hire a designer or buy a vacation home in Italy, and I don’t have the best of luck of meeting any of the crashers at a hardware store, I have to stick to the inexpensive route.

Everyone on HGTV preaches about having a focal point in a room.  I’m lucky enough to have a house with a built in focal point in my living room.  My fireplace!

This past summer I decided to give my fireplace a facelift.  The original color of the fireplace was white.  I love white.  But I wanted to make it pop more and create more of a focal point.  So I took a few hours out of my day to paint it a glossy bright white!

Halfway through I could tell a difference already.

I painted one coat, let it dry for two hours, then did a second coat. I wrapped the paint brush in cling wrap in between coats so the paint wouldn't harden on the brush.





See, a little paint can make a big difference.  In the meantime I guess I’ll just have to get used to dreaming about hiring Candice.

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