One Plus One Equals One
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I guess a math teacher might not think so, but I do. No, my math skills aren’t that bad. See, Jeff and I have a long hallway in our apartment, well long for a smallish apartment in the city. And there are a few squeaky boards in that hallway that someone tired to remedy by sinking some nails into it. Let me tell you, it didn’t work. And to make it worse, those nails stick up a bit and our socks were getting caught on them all the time. No good, no good at all. So since we are renting and didn’t feel the need to spend money on fixing a problem that really isn’t ours, we decided to take the easy way out. Rugs! We bought two of these rugs at Ikea, brought them home, and laid them down in the hallway.

It was nice that they covered up those nails, but they kept shifting, separating, and the corners were curling up at the edges. So even though our socks were no longer getting caught, tripping on the corners of the rugs was not the trade off we were looking for.

We brainstormed a bit and decided to do three things: sew the rugs together, add something to prevent slipping, and add some weight to the corners to prevent the curling edges. So off to Home Depot we went to search for some materials. We ended up grabbing two small 2×4 rug gripper pads (we got the smallest because the big ones can be expensive), some traction tape and big but thin washers that were about two inches in diameter.

We flipped the rugs over and I took some heavy duty thread that I had on hand from JoAnn Fabrics and sewed both sides of the rugs together. My original plan was to sew all the way across, but it proved tougher than expected to push the needle through the rugs. I think I would have been able to do it if I had a thimble, but I didn’t so I just did two stitches on both sides.

Then we used the traction tape to secure the rug grippers to the center of each rug. We also added some extra traction tape around the edges and where the seam was for good measure. Then we added three washers to each end of the rugs, using more traction tape to secure them.

Then we flipped the rugs back over and placed the rugs, I mean rug, in the center of the hallway making sure to cover up the nails.

See, one + one really does = one! One rug plus one rug equals one even bigger rug. And you thought I was just bad at math! Well, that’s probably still true, but just not in this case!

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