Lucite Trays by Erin Condrem
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Cort and I were spending Christmas Eve at our Aunts house when I spotted this adorable tray of hers…

They tray was on a hand painted stand and held plates for appetizers and a few glasses for people to grab.  I snapped a photo of it real quick and was planning on asking Aunt Cyndi where she had gotten it.  I needed to get one for myself!

Wellllll,  a few hours later I was opening my gift from Aunt Cyndi and what do I see?  My own personalized tray!!!

Lucky Cortney received one, too.

Another adorable touch (that I don’t have a photo of) is the backside of our trays.  In a light gray font is a word collage of “Christmas 2011” so we’ll always remember them as a Christmas gift from our thoughtful Aunt.

So for any of you out there wanting your own personalized tray for yourself, you can find the information HERE.  I started browsing myself and found you can even have a photograph of yours be the background.  Or, you can choose your own designer theme that Erin Condren provides.

Aunt Cyndi used hers as a serving tray, Cort is using hers for a coffee table tray, and I’m currently using mine for display.  Something important to know is these trays are waterproof and food safe!  You can serve food and drinks directly on the tray.  I know Brian would love one to hold his wallet, car keys, watch, and loose change.  They would be great place to catch jewelry on your dresser, or hold soaps and bath salts in your bathroom.  There are so many possibilities!  Here are some examples given on Erin Condrem’s website.  I think my favorite is the first one… maybe it’s the Patron’s fault.  I <3 tequila.


I have plans to purchase some for future wedding and baby shower gifts.

Did anyone else receive a Christmas gift you think we’ll love?  Please share!

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