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A very special little girl on Jeff’s side of the family loooves to play school. What little girl doesn’t, right? I know I did. I can remember taking turns pretending to be the teacher with my friends and sister, loving pointing to my pretend chalkboard and and using my pretend teacher materials. Buuut enough about me, this post is about Avery. So we decided to play up to what she likes, and get her something fun for Christmas. A chalkboard. But not just any chalkboard, we painted her name on it!

It’s a little bigger than it looks in the picture. It was about 2 feet high by 3 feet wide, and it even has one of those little trays for the chalk at the bottom. But let me tell you, it is crazy hard to find chalkboards these days. With whiteboards and dry erase markers all the rage, bigger chalkboards are rare. Even with the whole chalkboard craft craze. So we ended up finding one on ebay, man do they really have everything. Here is a similar one but in green. Oh and when I was looking for one, I found these posted on ebay as well. They call them vintage. Really?! Vintage? Ummm I 100% remember using them when I was in school….soooo apparently I’m vintage now. Weird!

Anywayzzz, here is how I went about painting Avery’s name onto the chalkboard: I grabbed a couple bottles of glitter paint and letter stencils from Michaels, and a few paint and sponge brushes that I already had. Then I punched out the letters to coordinate with her name and cut them out.

I opted for the darker of the two paint colors since it would show up more. Rubellite was the name of it. I taped down the stencils and then busted out my foam brush and started dabbing on the paint. Before it was dry I pulled of the stencils. I was pretty much just using them for a guide, since my handwriting straight up stinks. Once I pulled them off I used a regular thin paint brush to fill in the stencil gaps and add more paint. When it dried the glitter looked a little thin, so I added a few more coats. I wanted this thing like the little girls in Toddlers and Tiaras, full of glitter.

After the first coat

After four coats

And here is a phone pic of Avery enjoying her new chalkboard.

It’s kinda hard to see her name in this pic. But I think it’s safe to say that she likes her new chalkboard. It looks like teaching is in her future. If not for real when she’s all grown up, at least of the imaginative type.

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