Christmas Recap
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So i know Christmas already feels like ages ago, but I guess it’s better late than never to post some pics from the day of red and green. Christmas Eve started off at our aunt and uncles house. There were presents, and food, and cocktails, oh my! And of course lots of time spent laughing and chatting with family.


Just look at those cookies! They look like they’re right out of a professional bakery! Nope, they’re not. Our aunt makes them every year. And every year I vow to learn how, still haven’t though. Procrastination at it’s finest people …or at least lack of time. Yeah, we’ll just call it lack of time.

Kal and I playing

with our cameras.

After our aunt and uncle’s house, we headed back to my mom’s where we donned our annual Christmas pajamas (as mentioned in this post). Unfortunately we didn’t get a group shot of us wearing them, tear. Apparently we were too excited to wear them and forgot. We’ll have to remember to grab one next year.

Christmas morning we woke up and had our traditional brunch, and then Jeff and I headed off to his family’s house. There was more family, food, and fun. There are more little kiddos in his family, and it is always fun to watch their reactions as they plow through opening their presents.

I hope you all had an equally amazing holiday as we did!

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  • Amy Lindell

    Oh my gosh! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that picture of Kylie and the one of Austin with the tree! Please e-mail me any good pix that you got. You know how cooperative my kiddos are with pictures, and I’m not sure I got a lot of good ones (haven’t gone through all of them yet though!). Thanks! :)

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