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Lulu My Lemon
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I’m sure a good portion of you have heard of or wear pieces from the athletic company lululemon. And if you live anywhere near Chicago, you probably either heard of or witnessed the insanity that was the warehouse sale this past weekend. With all this lulu talk recently, I thought I should just publicly proclaim

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Kal’s Famous Margs
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Today is a very exciting day on Just KaliRae.  Today you’ll find the famous recipe for my margaritas!   This is a concoction that everyone is always asking me how to make.  The original recipe came from my college roommate’s mom, but I made some alterations to it along the way. These margs are a

Sweet Tooth Table for Mom’s 60th
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Cort mentioned yesterday that we created a sweets table for our mom’s birthday party and today I’m sharing all the details. Cort ordered all the candy from  To stick with the color theme, she choose lemon fruit slices, grey and yellow sixlets, and black and white gummy peach penguins. Cort and I spent the

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60th Party Decorations
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So now that you’ve seen the idea board, invitations, and guest book, it’s time to show off some of the details. But before we begin, here is the idea board one more time to refresh your memory. We were going for a lot of pictures as part of the party theme and had two major

Mom’s 60th Birthday Invite
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With our yellow and grey scrapbook theme in mind, Cort and I raided our mom’s picture boxes one afternoon.  We came across pictures of my mom when she was an adorable littler girl.  We were thrilled when we found one of my mom on her fourth birthday.  Perfect for her 60th birthday invite! I still

Surprise, It’s A Party!
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Our amazing mom had a big birthday recently, and so Kali and I have been secretly scheming and dreaming up a fun surprise party to honor her. This past weekend the party came to fruition, and so naturally we thought we’d share every last detail.   We’ve always loved grey and yellow as a color combo,

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7 Wonders of the Web
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I had so much fun with last weeks 7 Wonders of the Web post, that I decided to go for round two. But since this week has sorta turned into Beauty Week, I thought I’d keep with it and do a  7 Wonders Beauty/Fashion Edition. So here are some things floating around the web that

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Up Close
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This week has turned into an unplanned Beauty Week here on JKR, so I’m just gonna run with it. But I have a confession…yes it does have to do with the theme of the week. Want to know what it is? I sit in the sink when I’m doing my makeup. I’m not kidding, I’m

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Sh*t Girls Say
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I’m sure a lot of you have seen these videos, but just in case you haven’t, get ready to laugh!  My friends and I have been obsessed with these lately.  Even the guys find them hilarious…. because everything in these videos is true! Check out the Sh*t Girls Say videos here.  You’ll be watching them

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Lip Gloss Over It
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Yesterday I posted all about my makeup. But I didn’t talk about one thing, the finishing touch: lip gloss..or lipstick or whatever you use. Truth be told, I’ve never used a whole lotta color on my lips. Some might joke that it’s because my lips are so big that they stand out on their own