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It’s just about the first of the year, and you know what that means….resolution time! The start of a new year means a fresh start, and we just can’t believe that this fresh start happens to be the year 2012! Where in the world has time gone?! So we’re here sharing our 2012 New years resolutions in hopes that actually writing them down and publicly proclaiming them here on our blog means that we will follow through. So without further ado, our resolutions:

Cortney’s Resolutions:

I’ve never been one to create big outrageous resolutions, or any at all for that matter. Not because I don’t believe they are a good idea, but more for the reason that when I have created them in the past they were outlandishly large. Like they should have been stretched over a few years large, not attainable in one single year large.  So I kinda did away with the idea for awhile. But I think if I scale it down a bit, I could grow accustomed to a few smaller resolutions.

#1 -Make our bed every day. Lately it’s been a fairly sporadic thing. And if anyone comes over I scurry to the bedroom to make it before they arrive. Remember that saying “always wear nice underwear just in case you get in an accident,” you know just in case someone has to rip off your clothes to save your life you have cute matching undies on. Yeah well I kinda see this as the same way. Always make your bed just in case you have unsuspecting visitors. The last person out of bed makes it for the day. So Jeff you are 100% included in this one!

#2 – Make better use of the city we live in. Jeff and I live in an amazing city with so much at our fingertips. We do a lot in the city, and get together with friends to do fun things often. But there are so many more things here that we haven’t experienced yet. And if for some reason we had to leave the city tomorrow, I would feel like we missed out. So I want to take advantage while we can. Maybe I’ll even create a specific list and post it to the blog to hold me even more accountable for this resolution.


#3 – Be healthier. No this isn’t your typical “I’m going to go to the gym” resolution. I already go to the gym (and let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to it right after the New Year. It’s a ZOO!). This is more of a make better health decisions resolution. I want to scale back my huge fried food portions, drink more water, take more walks around the neighborhood, take more classes at the gym that are fun so I enjoy the gym more…stuff like that.


#4 – Continue growing the blog. I love this new little thing Kal and I have going on here. There might only be a few people reading it, but it’s such a fun creative outlet. So I’d love to continue learning more about blogging and getting better at it. Maybe even taking a workshop on it. This also includes photography. Good photography = a good blog and so I want to better my photog skillz (that’s skills with a Z of course), because they are way under par as of now.


Kalin’s Resolutions:

#1 – Learn as much as I can about photography.  Read tons of blogs regarding photography tips, take classes, and always have my camera on me so I can take pictures of everything, even the smallest details.  To kickstart this resolution, I will take on the 30 Day Photography Challenge.

#2 – Kind of goes along with #1… Learn the ins and outs of Photoshop so my photos start looking a lot more like this.

#3 – Entertain on a budget!  I love organizing get-togethers with friends and family, but these fun times come with a cost.  I want to come up with more creative ways to decorate my house and serve food that doesn’t put a huge number on my credit card bill… well, at least not big enough for Brian to notice :)

#4 – Consistently keep in touch with out of town friends.  Since college, my loving friend Lu has lived in Wisconsin, London, Colorado Springs, Chicago, and Seattle.  In a couple weeks she’s making the final move to Denver :(  I often find that weeks go by and I haven’t spoken with Lu due to our busy schedules.  No more.  Once a week I will call or email friends who I don’t see or talk with often enough, wether it be Lu in Colorado, or city friends I don’t see very often.  Watch out biotches, you’ll be hearing from me.

 I <3 My Lu

Any other unique resolutions out there that might inspire us?  Please share!

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