Have Yourself a Glitter Little Christmas
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Along with a metallic Christmas, comes a glittery Christmas.  I love it and so does my vacuum cleaner.  But, it’s worth the mess.

I filled my three jars with silver and gold glitteryness.  For two I just dropped in ornaments.  For the third one I cut small strips of glitter ribbon (with wire edges), wrapped them around my finger, and in they went.

I also added some to my hurricanes with flameless candles.

Do you see the pine cones on the first picture?  They’re left over from Kaitlyn’s winter bridal shower.

Another simple thing I did was purchase letters from Hobby Lobby to spell Noel and glitter blasted the life out of ’em!

This proves that you don’t have to be super crafty to create some fun decorations for the holidays!

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