Merry Metallic!
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At this point, I need all the wintery decorations I can get considering it’s nine days before Christmas and Chicago (of all places) hasn’t seen snow yet!  It’s NOT beginning to look a lot like Christams outside.  Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to shimmer up my house so it does begin to look a lot like Christmas inside.

This first image might look a little familiar…

I told ya I’d be able to reuse the embroidery rings from the wine party!  All I did was spray paint over the lace fabric Cortney and I had created for the wine party.  I used metallic gold and silver then topped them off with gold and silver glitter blast (my recent obsession).  I fell in love with the metallic that I ended up not using the white.

I painted one side, let it try for a couple hours, then painted the other side.  I then let them dry overnight in the garage before bringing them inside and hanging them in my windows.  Sorry for the horrible lighting, I should’ve taken the pictures during the day.  Too bad it’s dark outside when I get home from work :(

Since we’re on the topic of metallic spray paint, I also took two metal reindeer and splashed them with a silver metallic finish.

Can you tell I’ve been on a spray paint kick lately?  I love it!  It makes something old very new in no time.

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