Winter Wreath
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I’ve been all about the Christmas decorations lately, as evident here and here. This year I decided to get all creative and make my own wreath for our door. Ambitious, I know. Jeff and I live in an apartment in the city, so I didn’t have to worry about weather proofing it. And that meant I had more options. So after brainstorming for a bit, I opted to do something a bit different and use sweaters. Yeah it’s a strange choice for a wreath, but just go with it. Here is the finished product in all its glory.

I went to my local Goodwill and bough a few big white and cream sweaters in all different textures, and then picked up some fun goldish glittery ribbon from a craft store. Then I busted out my scissors and cut away. I cut out what seemed like a million sweater rectangles. Seriously, that was the part that took the longest. And at the last minute I decided to use some burlap I had left over from the wine party tablescape. Here is my enormous pile of sweater and burlap rectangles.

Ok so it doesn’t look that enormous in the picture. But I swear it was a lot of sweater! Anyway, once I had all the pieces cut up it was time to work on the base for the wreath. I actually had planned on using wire that I bought from Home Depot, but it turns out it was way more flimsy than I thought it would be. So I ended up just using a wire coat hanger left over from some dry cleaning. I pulled at the bottom of the hanger and shaped the corners so that it was a big circle. Then I untwisted the top part where the hook of the hanger is. Once that was untwisted I used pliers to pull one side back on itself to make a loop and snipped the other end with wire cutters so it didn’t stick out too much.

Once that was all done, I was ready to string my sweater pieces onto my wire hoop. I took one piece at a time and folded it in half so it was a square. Then I just pushed the non-looped wire end through the middle of the sweater square and pushed it all the way to the other end. I just kept doing that, alternating sweater types/textures, burlap, and ribbon until it was full. Then I fit the end of the wire back into the look and fixed the wreath so that you couldn’t see any wire.

All that was left was to hang it up! It really would have popped more if we had a fun bright colored door. But seeing as I don’t thing the condo association or our landlord would appreciate it if we painted it a fun yellow or blue, we have no choice but to keep it the standard white. Oh well. How about another look at the finished wreath hanging proudly on our door.

I love the little touch of sparkle! Oh and and the last minute I added a star. It’s just a simple wooden star ornament that I tied to the wreath with clear thread (the kind you would use to make a bracelet). I actually got them at Pier 1 a couple years ago to use as gift toppers, but thought one would be cute hanging from the middle of the wreath.

Anyone else make a wreath out of interesting materials?

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  • OMG you blog is so great…such fantastic DIY projects…you are going to die but I actually am posting about how to make hard candy next week! haha what are the odds?! My grandma always makes it every year…but mine isn’t as colorful as yours! I don’t have enough patience to make all the different kinds that you did!

    So you are definitely right…great minds DO think alike! hehe. :-) I promise I am not copying! :-)

    • Cortney

      That’s hysterical! I can’t wait to read your post on it! I guess we were destined to be blogging buddies :)

  • Jen

    This is an amazing wreath! I love the texture, and the star in the middle is the perfect finishing touch! I’d love if you came to share this at the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at ~Jen

    • Cortney

      Thanks so much Jen! I just linked up on your blog! For some reason it isn’t letting me grab your button though, maybe I’m going crazy and doing it all wrong 😉