Sweet Simplicity
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I think the sentimental decorations are the best kind of decorations. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that when you look at them they bring back a memory or make you think of someone. Clearly I’m all for the glittery and new decorations (as seen in this post), but I’m also a complete sucker for simple homemade ones.

Working with kids often means handmade cards, notes, or pictures that accompany gifts. And sometimes they strike a chord and I just have to keep them. A few years ago a student of mine drew me two winter themed pictures. They were amazing pictures, so I kept them. The problem was they just sat in a drawer at work. So this year I decided to bring them home and put them up as decorations.

I love the sweet simplicity of them. No frills, no fancy lettering, and not even a ton of color. Just a cute snowman and the city of Chicago with snow falling.The student who drew these actually made one very similar to the Chicago pic for my cousin, Brad, last year. He was off fighting for our country in Iraq and a lot of my students made him Christmas cards since he couldn’t come home.  I was explaining to them how our soldiers couldn’t see their families for the holidays and that they didn’t have any snow where they were, so this student drew Brad a picture of his hometown with snow. It was so thoughtful. And now every time I look at them I think of those students.

Another new decoration has to do with the flea market….shocking, I know. I am always drawn to the tables full of old prints or post cards. So I decided to collect some for each holiday. It’s much easier to find Christmas postcards than other holidays, but I love sorting through them all and picking out my favorite. Then I just got a frame with two pieces of glass that I could sandwich the postcards in (instead of your typical backing).

I adore the postcards, but you can’t even see my favorite part. The back! I purposefully got frames with transparent backs so you could turn the frame over and see the handwritten notes from long ago.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the postmark dates are Dec 17, 1909; Dec 22, 1911; and Dec 22, 1923! Pretty crazy right!? What’s really crazy is that stamps were only one cent!

So how about you guys? Any sentimental decorations? Any antiques or decorations passed down through the family?

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