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Shopping bags and malls and crowds, oh my! I don’t know about you, but all those things combined this time of year = not my idea of a good time. Oh don’t get me wrong, I loooove shopping. I’ve had my fair share of marathon shopping runs, but I’m not such a fan around the holidays. Mad props to those of you who can endure the craziness of black Friday. I would crouch down in a corner in fear, no lie. So this year I have done most of my Christmas shopping my favorite way. Online. And throughout my research (What? spending countless hours sorting through websites and gift guides IS research. Right?) I have found some pretty fun things that would make for great gifts. So I thought I’d share them with you.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Nail polish makes for great stocking stuffers. Some of my favorites are Wicked, Power Clutch, and Bobbing for Baubles.
  2. West Elm has a great selection of Lacquer Trays that come in a ton of colors. They’re so useful for corralling remotes, serving drinks, stashing papers, or decorating.
  3. A pair of earmuffs that are as stylish as they are warm.
  4. Create a fun and yummy custom chocolate bar. They have a million different toppings you can add to make a truly unique bar. I think my favorite combo might be banana and bacon! They even have a blog dedicated to chocolate.
  5. The Lake Shore Natural Clutch by Jess LC. How cute is that!? And I love that it is made in Chicago – gotta represent my hometown love.
  6. Cashmere lined leather gloves to keep the man in your life warm and stylish.
  7. A beer mug or pilsner glass for a beer lover with their favorite NFL logo. You can even customize it by adding their name.
  8. How about a chic leather camera strap in a pearl shimmer hue? Yes please! This is most definitely on my list this year.
  9. Know someone who loves to run? Get them a Shoe ID. It can be engraved with their emergency contact info so they can strap it on their shoe before a run. Hopefully it would never have to be used, but better safe than sorry.
  10. And last but certainly not least, some bacon and chocolate (center pic)! There I go again with the bacon! I just can’t help myself, I love it. Maybe not as much as Katie over at Bower Power. Her blog is one of my daily reads and let me tell you, she hearts bacon. She even vows to brush her teeth with the stuff. Now that’s love. Is it creepy when you feel you know someone and you haven’t even met? I guess I owe that to our crazy high tech world. N.E.Wayz….If you got me anything from this line, I’d love you forever. Mmmm, salty and sweet = perfection!

So whatcha think? See anything that you’d like to get or give?

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