A Very Glittery Christmas
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Is anyone else as shocked as I am that it’s already December? One minute I’m trying to decide what to be for Halloween, and it seems like the very next minute I’m busting out all the Christmas decorations! In the words of Joey from Blossom, “whoa!” Even though it completely snuck up on me, I still 100% enjoyed putting up all the decorations. Every year I drag out the big bins and get really excited at the things I forgot I had. It’s kinda like Christmas morning, but with decorations instead of presents! This year I decided to keep the color palate a little more on the neutral side. Well I guess tons of sparkle and glitter isn’t exactly neutral, but more so than bright green and red.

I stuck mainly with silver, gold, and champagne colors and added a little splash of green. All the glitter and mirrors make for a very sparkly mantle, dontcha think? The tall jar on the left is an apothecary jar that I filled with mini ornaments, and the Happy Holidays sign is a fun long glitter filled sign that I am thrilled I get to use this year. It’s kinda awkwardly long and curvy so I didn’t have a good spot for it last year. I love my candle sticks, but they are the same height, so I set one on an upside down ramekin dish to make it seem taller than the other.

Another decoration accessory I used was my cake stand. I swear I use my stands for everything but cake. Which is fine I guess, considering the less cake I have around me the better it is for my waist line. Mine are from Williams-Sonoma, but I don’t think they sell them anymore. Here is a similar set.

I used a silver pine tree candle, a white glass candle votive, and a silver glittery bird and just placed them on a bed of greens from our tree. I had a little box of mini glass stars laying around so I threw placed a few of them on there as well. It’s a simple, yet pretty centerpiece for out table.

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