Wine Party: Brie Bites
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I love cheese more than Rachel Zoe loves fashion.  Brie is one of my favs, baked brie especially.   Baked brie however is overdone.  So, I got this idea on Pinterest.

It’s easy.  All you need is french bread (I picked up lunch a Jimmy Johns  earlier in the day and purchesd day old bread instead), brie and fruit preserves.  You can use any flavor of jam/preserves that your taste buds desire.  I chose apricot, but raspberry, blackberry, or fig would also be yummy.

It’s easy.  All you do is slice the bread, spread on the preserves, top with a slice or two of cheese, and pop in the oven under broil until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Out comes a different version of  baked brie that’s quicker, silverware free, pretty, and yummy.



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