Wine Party: Tablescape
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Annnnd wine week continues. Well I guess it’s wine weeks (plural), seeing as it all started last week. Anywayzzz….we’re back with a few decoration odds n’ ends.

First up, the tablescape. The wine party wasn’t going to be a sit down dinner, so naturally we decided on a buffet style set up. We grabbed about two yards of burlap at a local fabric store to add to the rustic wine-ish feel and laid it on top of Kali’s dinning room table. Instead of just laying it out like a table cloth, we bunched it up in a few spots and placed our serving platters on those bunched up spots to hold it in place. We ended up pushing the table up against the wall to make for a more visually appealing display and then added more pom pom ball garland.

Most people probably plate their food and then place it on the table. Nope, not us. We’re rebels. We figured out what food was going to be plated on what dishes and then laid said empty dishes out on the table to decide their placement. Only once we thought we liked where everything was going to go did we actually plate the food and set up the table. I know, we’re strange. You know how there are different types of learners? Visual, auditory, etc.? Well apparently we are two very visual learners. But I digress…back to the table. We wanted to make sure we had all different heights to the dishes so we used cake stands and vases, and even apothecary jars to add dimension. Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing all the recipes in the next few days. Apparently we forgot to take a picture of the table once all the food was plated, but you get the idea.

Right next to the table is a little wine bar. We used it as a little spot to set out the plates, napkins and forks. See that picture frame leaning against the wall? It’s actually not art in there, its fabric. Kali found a little piece of fabric that went well with our colors and added it to the frame so we could use it as a dry erase board to write out the menu. Cute right?! But once again apparently we were having too much fun at the party and forgot to take a picture of it being used as such. We really need to get better at that.

Our last little decoration were shadow boxes filled with wine corks. I had a few extra white Ribba frames from Ikea laying around so I just filled them haphazardly with corks. I spray painted the backs of the frame so that the background is white instead of brown.

Want another cute idea? You could add handles to two sides of the frames an use them as serving trays!

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