Wine Party: Paper Crafts
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It’s no secret I love banners.  I make them for almost every occasion (check out the ones I made for my friend’s bridal shower, here).  They’re easy, don’t take a lot of time, and make a big statement.  When deciding what kind of banners to make for the wine party, I thought back to our invitations.  I made 5 banners, each with one of the wine 5 S’s.

I used Hippie Chic scrapbook paper as the backing for each letter.  Then, I die cut white letters and glued them onto the Hippie Chic paper.  Rather than hole punching the tops of each letter and weaving ribbon through, I used the same needle and thread technique when Cortney made the pom pom garland.  I used the embroidery needle with the thread to puncture the paper.  This way the letters were the main focal point, rather than bringing attention to the ribbon.


At parties I often find myself asking the friend sitting next to me which glass on the table is mine.  Then most of the time, neither of us knows whose glass is whose!  I’m pretty lenient when it comes to sharing glasses, but I know not all people have the germ defense I gain from being surrounded by 25 seven year olds all day long.  So, these paper nametags are a useful and colorful solution.

I got the idea here on Pinterest but decided to use the same Hippie Chic paper I used to create the banners.  I cut out circles and used a hole punch to create the hole in the middle.  I then cut a slit from the hole in the center to the edge of the circle.  This allowed the paper nametag to go around the base of the glass.  Use a sharpie to write the person’s name and you’re done!


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