Wine Party: Mantel and Bar Setup
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You got a sneak peak of my fire place mantel yesterday when I explained how to make the Pom Pom Garland.  Cortney and I wanted to go along with the wine theme but stay away from the typical grapes that people tend to associate wine decorations with.  We decided to fill the mantel with tons of empty wine bottles.  Weeks leading up to the party Brian and I drank a lot of wine, which isn’t out of the ordinary.  The only thing we did differently was save wine bottles rather than toss ’em.  The day of the party Cort and I assembled the bottles on the mantel and used books and picture frames to arrange them at different heights.  It turned out to be a free focal point of the room!  Well, I guess we paid for the wine, but we would have done that regardless :)


Here are some daytime photos before the party.


  A couple candles and fresh flowers finish it off at night.


Now, more importantly… drinks!  Before our wine consultant arrived we served beer, wine, water (for our preggo friend, Wendy), and Cortney’s yummy butterscotch cider (keep coming back this week to find the recipe for the delicious concoction).  I used the hutch in my kitchen as the bar setup.  We laid out the wine glass nametags (again, keep coming back for details!), lowball glasses for Cort’s butterscotch cider, and a small tub of beer and water.  To add a little fall flair I laid out my bulletin board with pumpkin cutouts.  I used scrapbook paper to die cut the pumpkin patterns and tacked them on.



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  • Becky

    Looking forward to Cortney’s drink recipe – that was especially yummy! Any chance you will post the appetizers’ recipes too? Asparagus anyone?!