Wine Party: The Decorations
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Last year when I was planning my wedding, I came across this idea in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  Martha had taken different lace patterns and put them in embroidery rings.  In her magazine, they were hung above a reception dinner table.  I didn’t incorporate this into my wedding, but loved the simple, antique, look so much that the image has been kept in my brain’s party file.  Cort and I decided to make them for our wine party but changed them up a bit by painting the lace with our color scheme: plum, dark green, and orange.

Materials: We purchased the embroidery rings (in three different sizes), lace fabric, and paint from Hancock Fabrics.  We used sponge paint brushes to apply the paint.   You’ll also need scissors.

First, loosen the screws on the embroidery rings and  separate the rings.  Insert the lace fabric, put the rings back together, and tighten the screws. Next, cut the lace around the ring.

They looked great as is, but we wanted to add some color so we painted the lace and let it dry over night.

The day of the party we used string and tape to hang them along my windows. The best part is we can take the lace out and reuse the rings in the future.

Notice something else in the pic above (bottom left pic in the group of four)? Yep, more DIY decorations. Cortney saw a listing on Etsy a while back for a string of pom pom garland but didn’t think much of it until we started planning for this party. She loves garland of all types. Don’t believe me? Take a look at her Party Inspiration board on Pinterest. So when she couldn’t find the original garland she set her eyes on, she knew DIY was the answer. Here’s what the final product looked like:

Want a tutorial? Well if you said no, too bad, you’re getting one anyway. All you need is some embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, and a bag of pom poms of any size.

Thread the needle just like you would to sew something and knot it at the end. Then simply push the needle through the center of a pom pom and slide it down to the end of the thread. Continue doing that one at a time until you have enough pom poms on your garland. Super simple!

Just make sure you lay them flat when storing it otherwise the poms get all tangled in each other and you get a big ball O’ mess.

And there you have it, two simple DIY decorations. Enjoy!

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