This Week Is For Wine Lovers
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There are people that like to throw parties and people who don’t. Kalin and I fall into the first of the two. We get really into it and plan for days (ok sometimes weeks). And really, what’s a better way to get together with friends? I can’t think of many. We hadn’t thrown one in a while and were feeling the itch for a party, so we started brainstorming ideas. When we started thinking about it, fall was just around the corner. So we thought a fall themed wine party was a fabulous way to welcome the season. A couple weekends ago that party came together and we had a great time sipping wine and laughing with friends. Here’s a preview of what the get together entailed:

Wonderful food, and delicious drinks.

Tablescape In Progress

Drinks in the Kitchen

Fun handmade decorations that kept with our fall color scheme.

Lots of wine.

We hired a wine company to come out to Kalin’s house and bring the vineyard to us! They presented different wines for tasting, shared pairing ideas, and answered questions. And if you liked what you tasted, you could order it to be sent right to your house. It was a great way to learn about wine with great friends while keeping it intimate and fun in the comfort of a home. They even brought the glasses! Less dishes for us to wash = perfect!

Our wine consultant presenting some delicious wine

A good time was had by all! Who doesn’t have a good time with a glass of wine in hand, good food, and great company? If you don’t then go see a doctor, because something must be wrong!

It’s wine week ya’all! So grab a glass of your favorite wine and stay tuned, because throughout the next week or so Kalin and I will be posting more on the invitations, recipes, and DIY decorations!

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